warm all over - a collection of lush and relaxing showtunes that will make you feel warm all over

the beauty is - the light in the piazza // day by day - godspell // the world above - the little mermaid // twin soliloquies - south pacific // too many mornings - follies // shoes from heaven - women on the verge of a nervous breakdown // lay down your head - violet // give way - dogfight // i believe - spring awakening // the sun won’t set - a little night music // look at me - the bridges of madison county // i don’t need a roof - big fish // see her smile - tick, tick…BOOM! // warm all over - an evening with sutton foster // ten minutes ago - cinderella // the next ten minutes - the last five years 


I am in love with life. Every trouble, every triumph, every joy—there is not a single doubt in my mind that they are actively shaping the person I will one day become.
I often imagine being 25, 30, 40, sitting on my front porch sipping tea as the sun rises and my dog lays by my feet. I have a notebook out as I sketch out business ideas and random thoughts. I see living with someone I love, pursuing my goals every day, and being uniquely me because of everything I’ve been through. Small or big, individual scenarios have shaped me. I am and will be beautiful, radiant, and so ready for the next adventure life throws at me. I envision a positive future shaped by my present. I see the beauty in tomorrow, but also in the now. What do you see in your future? How is today changing your tomorrow? x (at

It is 10:04am
As I lay here in bed

Sun rays peep through the blinds
But my skin remains cold

I have slept for 8 hours
But my eyes remain exhausted

I am dangerously still
But my heartbeat is fast

I contemplate deeply about the future
But my mind remains unstimulated

I wander  into the kitchen
But my feet remain numb

I take numerous gulps of water
But my throat remains dry

Maybe because my glass
Is half empty

Like my life without you
Is incomplete

It is 10:11am
I bury myself  back into my bed
I breathe
But my soul remains dead

—  Symptoms


He is neither gentle nor kind, except in the most terrible of ways. He has the holy fire of the gods within him, that leaves his body gaunt, his blood burning, and his eyes intoxicating. There is some violent grace in him, hollowed out and full of light, that sends the sinful running and the fanatics spinning. He will come in from the wild not with peace but with rage, shaking with the tension of mortal flesh and blood that must hold the divine by sheer force of will. Where he walks power unfolds, untaming beasts, cracking temples and unfettering hearts. When he speaks of what he sees in his waking dreams the masses will listen with a blind passion. He is a theatre; he is a living church; he can never be what he is, which is human. People follow him like sheep, and become as lions. There is love in him enough to sunder nations. In the curve of his smile, in the ripple of the violence he does upon the old world, the universe comes together again.