warmth by itawtitaw on Flickr.

went out early in the morning and came by this spot at a lake a few kilometers from my house. the most beautifully warm colors on the ground while everything around was covered in deep, white snow. crystal clear and calm water at first, but by the time i had put film into my camera a nasty cold wind rippled the surface. i am very happy how it turned out anyways.


Layer Upon Layer: Eva Jospin Sculpts Cardboard Into Dense, Mysterious Forests

Sculptor Eva Jospin constantly reinvents the idea of what a forest is over and over again. She cuts, layers, arranges, glues and builds cardboard into different interpretations of The Woods. Her pieces range from smaller 2D pictures compiled from dense sticks, branches and flaky bits of wood, to life size 3D installations that you are invited into, and can move around within. For Jospin, cardboard is just the medium for a larger message; these trees express many things: