I can't stand it when people say "contributing to society" when they really mean "making money".

I can be neck-deep in activism and volunteering and the people who want me to wear a tie will say I don’t contribute to society. On the other hand, were I a landlord or financier or even a successful poker player, they would admire me even though those occupations do not make the world a better place. Some might even consider them to be harmful to society.

Similarly, if I read and learn at home or online, I’m a layabout but if I incur thousands of pounds of debt to do it in an old building, I’m a student.

Perhaps if the critics of my lifestyle said what they mean, that they want to see me making money, it would force them to confront their obsession with pounds and pennies. By dressing up their rancor as concern for the well-being of society, they don’t have to examine themselves at all. They assure themselves that I must be doing something detrimental to humanity otherwise I would be overworked and stressed as they are.

Blown away, by your endless love that showers over me

Still amazed, at how you’ve rocked my world, and knocked me off my feet,

There’s no love like yours

And of that I’m sure, I feel it to my core

On your wings I soar,

Got me flying high, on a ride and begging you for more

Loving me, Perfectly

Any fool can see,

There’s no-one for me but you

What you do, no-one else can do

Boy you know it’s true,

There’s no-one for me but you

When I’m blue, you are always there to brighten up my mood

Somehow you, know just what to say to take it all away,

You know me so well,

Like nobody could, all of the bad and good

I’m caught in your spell,

Your magic glows on me, and in your light is where I wanna be

above all, though, we’re looking for ducks, become a duck, to make us into a “real” boy so that our father gepetto will love us. we’re looking for people that will help us get to the point where each and every one of us is a duck. we want a pond, a few breadcrumbs, and a quackroll, and be someone we would be proud to strip naked and yiff. we firm buttocks that that day is a matter of quack, not a matter of quack quack. the more you fine folks fester, the faster that “i’m” a duck — and when it does, i’m a duck.

Que maja Maika Makovski

Está mañana he recibido una postal de Maika dándome las gracias por el DVD de su concierto en Bilbao. Cuando tocó en Burgos el mes pasado hablamos un momento después del concierto y me pidió que se lo enviase. Guardaré su postal dentro de la carpeta de su último disco en vinilo.

Y ya que lo hago con Maika no quiero dejar de agradecer también su detalle a los Layabouts que hace unos meses me enviaron un fantástico EP de 10” en vinilo y que en febrero me enviaron el CD de su nuevo disco en primicia total y casi un mes antes de que estuviese disponible en las tiendas.

Que conste que yo nunca he hecho estos DVDs buscando ningún tipo de recompensa, sino sólo por satisfacción personal y para que vosotros podáis disfrutarlos y además en el caso tanto de Maika como de Layabouts porque sus trabajos me gustan realmente, que no es el caso de todos los DVDs que creo y comparto.

Además en ambos casos, al cantar en inglés también tengo la esperanza de que algunos guiris que frecuentan puedan llegar a conocerlos y mi trabajo pueda ser un granito de arena en su proyección fuera de nuestras fronteras.

So I’m gonna be the guest artist for John and wrap the comic chapter up with the writing abilities of Joe. Here’s some doodles of the John cast. I hope I can keep the art style in tact so nothing is too out of place.


"Perfectly" - Layabouts feat: Shea Soul

A Fav’


Manual de Supervivencia en un Concierto

Todas las claves para sobrevivir al concierto más salvaje. Porque la mayor descarga de energía, rock y locura tiene una serie reglas que debes cumplir. Antes de ir a un festival, un show o un directo de este tipo, conoce todo lo que te puedes encontrar en él. Deja que la música se adueñe de tu cuerpo y que empiece la fies

Future Hits 104: Layabouts

From: Madrid, Spain
Lazy equation: (QotSA + The Hives) – Spain
URL: Facebook

Thrash Hits Verdict:
You can count the number of notable Spanish rock bands on one hand so we’re always interested when one starts doing things over here. There’s a kind of International Shit Band Filter that means only good bands get this far so we figured Layabouts must be ok. We gave it a listen and we weren’t wrong! What’s more, you can listen to the Spaniards’ third album, Savage Behavior, yourself in the listening post below. Fancy!

Click here to listen to Savage Behavior, the third album from Layabouts.

Layabouts | Sungjong & Zico

Sungjong was at his core a loner, or a “lone wolf” if the former term sounded way too derogatory for his taste. He didn’t like to be a team player even if he was the leader, because leading meant responsibility, and everyone’s interpretation of a good leader was different. People didn’t react well to strictness, and that often came off as being harsh, despite everyone’s acknowledgement of the old truth that sometimes the most bitter medicine was the most effective. That was why group assignments sucked, because in the end Sungjong could come off as a bit if a dictator, but that was only when stupid people didn’t keep their tongues and duties in check. In a school that was filled with huge egos, Sungjong found being on his own was the best way to achieve stellar results. Never apologizing much for his behaviour, Sungjong let his results and successes to the talking for him. 

Zico, on the other hand, was born with the qualities people attribute to a good leader. A “born leader”, some people called it. Sungjong quietly agreed. Being in three classes together made it impossible for him not to know Zico, and over time they slowly became tentative friends. Though they’ve known each other for a while, Sungjong thought that there was still a thin sheet of ice between them, like they still weren’t sure of each other. They were the type of people that mystified others, because they were so different it was unknown or hard to grasp how to struck a rapport in the first place. But they did. Sungjong would more or less nag Zico about his appearance (because really he had nothing else to say) and Zico would often tell him to loosen up. They always made comments that would have been rude, but their relationship was beyond being offended by passing comments like that.

"Okay, really?" Sungjong flicked one of the many rings Zico had on his fingers. "That’s tacky. Stop wearing so much," 


Yay! Northernlion did a Let’s Look At video for my game ViViD!