I like to be an ‘artist’ the most. I want to be an artist. I really like music, but with just music I feel that just itself is not rich enough. If there was also other arts like acting, drawing,editing film, and doing things that are considered behind the scenes, being able to be a CEO and a boss… I think that’s the status I would be the most satisfied with. I wish to be unique. I want to be the type of artist that others have not been before.
—  When Yixing is asked whether he likes being a singer or actor or host the most (.)

Yixing doing 20 clap pushups ^^

Exo reaction when the principal calls them in cause their kid did something “bad”

Sehun:*mocking voice* I can not believe he did that! writing on the desk should be punished with suspension. 

Kai:*having a even  bigger problem* Oh well now we have to see how are we gonna tell mommy that………

Tao:*in the car with the kid after the meeting, when the kid keeps on complaining that it wasn’t his fault* If it wasn’t your fault the principal whouldn’t have called me. The shame that I have been put cause of you…..

Kyungsoo:*while  the principal was  telling  him that his kid got into a fight* We are gonna talk about this at home *whispers to the kid* 

Chanyeol:*to his kid after the meeting* I don’t wanna hear your excuse anymore, this is the 6th time I was called this month.

Chen: Kid: But daddy it wasn’t only my fault, the other kids did it also but he only saw me…it’s not fair.

Can you please keep your mouth shut, I’m trying to save your ass and you are not helping with this.

Baekhyun:*while the principal is talking* Principal: Mr. Byun are you even listening to what I was saying?

Oh yeah I was… the same old thing. So how many days is this time?

Lay:*worried dad* Do you really have to suspend him? can you just give him detention?



 Kid: Come one daddy is not that bad, we can spend more time together like this.

Are you kidding me kido? I’m sure mommy will think differently.

Luhan:*can not believe what he is hearing* How many times I told you to stop doing that? 


Kid: Daddy are you mad at me? I swear it wasn’t like the principal said i was!

Say what? why didn’t you say something when we were in there?


150418 iQiyi Interview - Lay