Help Yve Pass The New York Bar


My name is Yve and I’m a graduating 3rd Year Law Student at UDC Law in the District Of Columbia. I will be sitting for the New York Bar Exam on the last Tuesday and Wednesday of July. I’m hoping to pursue a career in criminal defense, working specifically with indigent clients. I want to be the one standing next to someone in court fighting tooth and nail for their rights.

So what’s the problem?  Why are we here?

I cannot afford the Bar and the associated expenses to allow me to study and pass it.  

What are these expenses?

-Bar prep (I’m taking Kaplan)
- Bar registration
- Computer Registration For the Bar
- Flight to the exam (Buffalo or Albany)
- Hotel during the bar (sky rocketing prices during that time)
- Flight Home
- Living expenses while studying for the Bar (everyone, their mentor, their advisor, their religious figurehead ect. has stated that working during the Bar is a Very Bad idea)

What Have I done to Mitigate These Expenses

I am employed, two times over actually. I am a teaching assistant for Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure at my law school, and I work part time for a law firm in Montgomery County. Unfortunately, neither of these positions pay nearly enough to shoulder more than a fraction of these expenses. Also, they are my current financial support through these final two months of law school, so I don’t get to save very much.

I am a sole proprietor of a small photography business: All of the proceeds go to the Bar Exam.

I am moving out of DC to stay with my Sister in Texas for the duration of studying for the Bar. DC Rent is sky high, so off to Texas I go.

I tried the Bar Loan option, but due to high revolving debt (of both mine, and my cosigners), I do not qualify.

I am not very good at asking for help. I have not been one to depend on the kindness of strangers. However, I am a hard worker, a future passionate litigator who is facing a very hard time. Over the past 3 years of law school I have provided over 800 hours of pro bono legal services (both civil and criminal). I’ve volunteered. I’ve researched, and written. I’ve developed a passion for this work and helping people. I want to get over this financial hurdle to continue on my path.

I would appreciate the help.

-Peace & Love

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