was just thinking that lucy is bonnie’s relative and yes, that wasn’t made known until near the end of the episode but, other people got more screen time with her than bonnie herself. i just thought that lucy would’ve stuck around for even part of the next episode just so we could learn something more about their witchcraft.

Severe Weather risk for 2.12.13

There is a slight risk of severe weather along the gulf-coast. Nobody wants to hear that right now. Any storms that do occur should once again stay near the gulf-coast. Unfortunately some of the same areas that were battered yesterday could see severe storms, and perhaps an isolated tornado. Hattiesburg, Poplarville, Biloxi, and Gulfport are some of the cities in southern Mississippi that need to keep an eye on the weather and be ready to act again if necessary. The treat will again be during the afternoon-evening hours.



Overall tomorrow will be another dreary rainy day here in Mississippi. Those of us in the northern and central parts of the state can expect lots of rain, and some thunder, lightning, some gusty winds and maybe some small hail.

I’m out more weather tomorrow!