[NEWS] "All of B.A.P suing their company for 'Slave Contracts'."

[X-Sports News = Han Ingu reporter] All six members of B.A.P are filing a lawsuit to nullify their contracts with their company. According to the law offices, the B.A.P. members filed the lawsuit against TS Entertainment at the western Seoul law offices on the 26th of this month.

B.A.P.’s exclusive contracts with their company were formed in March of 2011, they’re taking the position that their contracts were only beneficial to their company and have been nothing but unfair to the members.

Their contracts’ clause stating that their contract period would last a minimum of seven years from their first album (rather than the date they signed their contract) is much longer than comparable contracts from other companies. Also their statement claims that the contracts do not follow the laws in place protecting the civil rights, explicit concent, right to personal privacy, etc. of entertainers from their companies.

It also includes a statement claiming the division of their income is only beneficial to the company, and they have had to deal with clauses putting them at a disadvantage in case of cancelling the contract or damages to the company.

Despite their unfair contract, since their debut in January of 2012 B.A.P. has released a total of 11 different albums and held concerts all around the world in Korea, Japan, China and even as far away as Mexico, and although the members have dealt with declining health have done their best for their fans.

Although we (the reporter) have attempted contact with TS to hear their side of the story, we have not been successful.

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Parents of theater shooting victim lose lawsuit against ammo sellers

The parents of a woman killed during the Aurora movie theater shooting lost their bid Friday to hold ammunition sellers liable for the attack.

Sandy and Lonnie Phillips, whose daughter, Jessica Ghawi, was one of 12 people killed in the July 2012 attack, had sued four online retailers that provided bullets, gun magazines and body armor alleged to have been used in the shooting. They accused the retailers of selling the items without concern about the mental fitness of the buyer or the items’ intended use.

In an order issued Friday, Senior U.S. District Judge Richard Matsch ruled state and federal laws protect ammunition sellers from such lawsuits. He dismissed the case.


Steve Berman Announces Lawsuit Against SeaWorld Entertainment Inc.

Published on Mar 25, 2015

SeaWorld customers today filed a groundbreaking class-action lawsuit against SeaWorld Entertainment Inc. (NYSE: SEAS) alleging that SeaWorld deliberately conceals the unethical treatment and conditions of its captive orcas, including psychoactive drugging, forced separation of calves from mothers, forced and unnatural breeding, and cramped conditions that lead to aggression and disease according to attorneys at Hagens Berman. Find out more: www.hbsslaw.com/seaworld

[Inmates] are entitled to be detained safely and in accordance with their Constitutional rights — not consigned to a corrections crucible that seems more inspired by Lord of the Flies than any legitimate philosophy of human detention.


A few of you who are following me have been informed of the abusive situation I recently removed myself from. I have remained rather civil in regards to actively calling said abuser out for their actions, and I was planning for it to stay that way.

Until today, when I found out that my past abuser is now suing my roommate Tristan (tumblr user suckmyrichardgrayson) and I for a lump sum of around $4,000. Each.
They seem to believe that my roommate and I are still in possession of some of their stuff, but as per the instructions of the protection order that is now in place for us against them, we returned all of their belongings on Saturday, January 24th 2015. Officers were present, and they collected everything on their “approved list” from the judge (as well as a few things that were not on the list that we surrendered to them anyway.)

Earlier today, I noticed a reblog of a commission post of theirs, claiming that they need money to pay the bills. They’ve been asking their parents, grandparents, and friends for money since we removed them from our home in December of 2014.

PLEASE, DO NOT GIVE THEM MONEY. They are using the money that they earn from commissions and donations to pay for THIS. They’re using it to harass and continue to abuse me, and cause my roommates dire amounts of anxiety over money.

Their URL is mochi-x-kun. As far as we know, the criminal charges against them are still pending. They are living with their parents, and have no actual bills to pay with this money. Any money that they aren’t using to harass us will most likely be used frivolously. I know this from personal experience (I lived with them for over 2 years.)

If you would like the full story, click the read more. Otherwise, please spread this like wildfire - especially if you live in the American Midwest. 

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[NEWS] B.A.P Slaves Contract: More Information

Since their debut, B.A.P has been working endlessly without a break and it has caused the members to suffer mentally and physically. They’ve made several requests to TS Entertainment, asking for a break, but they refused. Last month, one of the members fainted, suffering from stress and exhaustion. He was rushed to the hospital. But a staff from TS Entertainment came and took the member to Changwon to perform on stage. Also, B.A.P informed staff about their worsening health conditions and that it’s impossible to perform in China (MBC KOREAN MUSIC WAVE IN BEIJING). But TS Entertainment ignored the members. The members had health related documents to prove their health. One of the staff from TS Entertainment told the members, “if you guys don’t make it to China, the broadcast company and other related "companies of the event will file a lawsuit against us. You guys will be responsible of all consequences," and forced the members to attend the event. As result, B.A.P had no other choice but to perform in China and Mexico.”

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[ENG SUB] 141130 News Y: B.A.P Cut

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I’ve never seen this before. What the diocese is saying is, ‘We can fire anybody, and we have absolute immunity from even going to trial, as long as we think they’re violating our religion’ … It’s astonishing.

ACLU staff attorney Brian Hauss

A Former Catholic school teacher is suing Indiana’s St. Vincent de Paul School after they fired her for undergoing in-vitro fertilization, but the school thinks religious freedom should keep them out of the courtroom.