Jacqueline Susann and Judy Garland at a press conference to announce her casting as Helen Lawson in Valley of the Dolls in February 1967, by April Judy had been fired for missing rehearsals and was replaced by Susan Hayward

So we get to Seattle right, and I need to go relieve myself. When this Lawson fan comes up and asks for a picture. Of course I couldn’t say no to a fan because that’s not the right thing to do. Anyway so we get a few pictures and speak for a few minutes and it turns out that when we was taking the picture she slipped her phone number into my back pocket. I was pretty impressed with her craftiness and the plan, but really shocked when I found the paper.


90s TV bomber: Bianca Lawson.

Saved by the Bell: The New Class

Sister, Sister

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Dawsons creek

So this guy I barely know texted me and I was like “noooo how did he get my number he’s such a fuckboy” but he opened with “Do you think they should have drafted Lawson Crouse? Zacha is good but is he as good as Crouse?” And we’ve been talking about the Devils for the last 30 minutes this is such a nice unexpected turn


Five to one, baby, one in five
No one here gets out alive


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