“They have this bond,” Cassidy says. “Obviously Laurel loved her sister and Nyssa also loved Sara, so they are bonding over the death of a loved one. It’s nice because Laurel reminds Nyssa of Sara and vice versa. She can see why her sister loved Nyssa, the good in her, that she actually has at heart. Nyssa is going to train her and I’m hoping that, coming back in season 4, I’ll be polished and ready to kick some ass.” Will the new duo be setting their sights on taking Malcolm Merlyn for ultimately killing Sara? “Doesn’t everyone want to take down Malcolm?” Cassidy says with a laugh. “They both want the same thing. I do think Malcolm is involved.” — Katie Cassidy

Arrow 3x16 “The Offer”

When I was a kid something bad happened to me. I was so ashamed that I didn’t tell anyone for years. I didn’t even know what I’d done wrong, or what was happening to me, but I thought it was my fault and there was no one there to hold me and tell me it was okay. It wasn’t until this summer that I finally really confronted it; my therapist had me go back and tell my past self that she would be okay. That it wasn’t her fault. I never cried so much in my life as I did for that little girl.

I think Launo derives from that little girl in me. I think we all have a kid in us somewhere who needs to be told that it’s okay, that we’re okay.