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Every single group in the LGBT community has its own experiences. These groups decided to unite under LGBT because the more people you have, the easier it is to change things. It's social change strategy. Numbers are the only thing we have to get our point across. Why do you think that radical feminism will never accomplish anything? Your numbers are far too few.

Radical Feminism will never accomplish anything?

  • Second wave feminism facilitated the availability of the contraceptive pill in 1961.
  • Worked towards and accomplished acquiring the ‘Equal Pay’ act 1963.
  • Fought against and bought change about sex discrimination in the workplace in 1967
  • Fought to introduce the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) in the US Senate 1967
  • Spoke out about and helped give women the choice to abortion 1968
  • Fought for the Comprehensive Child Development Act, making it easier for single parents and working mothers 1971
  • Worked towards opening ‘battered women’s shelters’. In Urbana, Illinois, the first was founded by Cheryl Frank and Jacqueline Flenner 1971
  • Title IX of the 1972 Educational Amendments to the Civil Rights Act to enforce sex equality in education, which forces educational institutions to support women’s sports
  • The Lesbian Separatist group and The National Black Feminist group work towards attacking specific women’s issues under different axis of oppression.
  • Equal Credit Opportunity Act stops creditors from discriminating against women 1974
  • National Coalition Against Domestic Violence established 1977
  • The American Civil Liberties Union asks the Rhode Island Supreme Court to allow women to use their own names, rather than that of their husbands 1977
  • The Air Force graduates its first women pilots 1977

Second wave feminism was Radical Feminism. Radical Feminism has arguably achieved the most laws, acts and societal success towards female liberation. That’s because Radical Feminism is militant, unapologetic, is run by disabled, lesbian women of color who are sick of your shit. It’s not appealing to men like third wave feminism is (libfem choicey choice). It’s analysis runs deep. It takes some brain power to get your head around things. It’s not as simple as ‘well I choose to do something, therefore it’s feminist’ - because Radical Feminism displays how socialization is the tool that encourages internalized misogyny in women. When we live under a patriarchal climate, nobody is exempt from making choices confined to the principles of misogyny. It just takes admission and the willingness to unlearn misogynistic things that is going to help in the long run. Without Radical Feminism, women would not be where we are today, even though there is still so much more we need to achieve. Wishy washy libfem choicey choice no analysis bull shit is not going to get us anywhere - and they DO have the numbers.

Happy Australia Day! Today, millions of Australians are celebrating their country’s official national day, commemorating the 1788 arrival of the First Fleet of British colonists to New South Wales.

In honor of Australia’s largest national holiday, Oxford Constitutions of the World is providing free access to the Constitution of Australia, otherwise known as the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act, adopted 9 July 1900.

Image: The First Fleet entering Port Jackson, 26 January 1788, drawn 1888. State Library of New South Wales. CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Who: Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan will be on campus (!)

Why: A discussion of her legal career, including insight on the inner workings of the Supreme Court as well as fielding questions from students.

When: February 2nd in Mandel Hall.

Two separate discussions will be live streamed at, one at 9:30am CST and the other at 4pm CST.

Can’t make it? No problem! The live streamed sessions are archived at the IOP’s website for later viewing.

DidYaKnow: Justice Kagan was a former professor at the University of Chicago Law School.

Help (can a cop or any one answer me?)

When you’re 18, parents can no longer physically punish you by slapping or hitting you in the face, right? Like it wouldn’t be unreasonable for me to be like “hey, I’ve tried talking but if you hit me again I’m leaving?” (I have a place to go to)

Edit: out of anger, not really with intent to lovingly discipline me

"DuPont Poisons Water for 50 Years | Interview with Mike Papantonio" via Breaking the Set






The Past Three Weeks

So many airports. So much room service. I’ve been stuck in an endless cycle of packing and repacking.

The best part of my week in glamorous Indianapolis: Reconnecting with my globe scattered co-workers and drinking free wine. Feeling like a celebrity.

The best part of my weekend in sunny Fort Lauderdale: Not getting eaten by a shark while paddle boarding and only burning the arm I was using to hold up my iPad on the beach. Eating room service in bed with Mal.

The best of my week and weekend in New York City: Reconnecting with EVERYONE. Eating jellyfish, pork intestines, three Peking ducks, and fried chicken tongue with a large crew in Chinatown. My romantic Indian dinner date with Law. Pretending to shotgun with Keens in Liza’s bath tub. Seeing Coach K win #1000. Everything feeling like “old times.”

TL;DR: It’s been an amazingly exhausting three weeks. Time to sleep.