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The repercussions of breaking gun control rules are more harsh than that of spousal abuse…well done liberals.

Although there have been more than two thousand studies documenting that GMOs do not pose an unusual threat to human health, questions about the safety of genetically modified foods remain in the minds of many consumers.

A very good summation of the research that shows GMOs have NO discernible health impact on humans or animals.

The reasons I don’t trade with them here at biodiverseed are:

California Requires Permits for Self-driving Cars

Computer-driven cars have been testing their skills on California roads for more than four years — but until now, the Department of Motor Vehicles wasn’t sure just how many were rolling around.

That changed this week, when the agency issued testing permits that allowed three companies to dispatch 29 vehicles onto freeways and into neighborhoods — with a human behind the wheel in case the onboard computers make a bad decision.

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Joseph Oberhansley is accused of killing his ex-girlfriend, then eating her brains and other organs

Will Oberhansley’s abuse of his ex-girlfriend and the subsequent feasting on her body lead to people who classify themselves as “white” to have a national conversation on white male violence?  Oberhansley did jail time for murdering another girfriend as a teen, shot his mother and was accused of strangling another man. Maybe his arrest will spark a nationwide dialogue on why we are not spending enough time targeting white male offenders? Maybe with this diaglogue, white women may start using naselly white boy tones when describing sexual harrassment, male aggression, and misogyny as they’ve consistently done with “AAVE”. It would be interesting see some real attention turned to the ubiquitous white male aggression we’re being programmed to celebrate, excuse, or ignore.

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Happy Constitution Day!

"We the people…"


Ming Tong Liu had a suitcase with $75,195 (£46,000) he was going to use to buy a restaurant. For Mandrel Stuart it was $17,550 in proceeds from a barbecue restaurant. Benjamin Molina was going to use $18,000 to buy a car. Jose Jeronimo Sorto had $28,500 in church funds for a land purchase in El Salvador and a new trailer in North Carolina.

Each of these men was driving in the US with sizable amounts of cash when they were pulled over by police for minor traffic infractions. Mr Liu, for instance, was going 10 miles over the speed limit. Mr Stuart’s car’s windows were too dark.

Each of these men had the money in their possession confiscated by police despite not being charged with a crime. It was enough that the officers suspected the money was tied to an illegal activity.

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California is enacting landmark groundwater regulations as a crippling three-year drought continues to suck the state dry. This week Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation intended to keep farmers and city dwellers from overpumping underground aquifers and depleting the state’s dwindling resources.

“We have to learn to manage wisely water, energy, land and our investments,” Brown said at a Tuesday signing ceremony. “That’s why this is important.”

The trio of laws, which the Legislature passed in August, establishes the state’s first structure for managing groundwater resources. Until now, California had been the only state in the U.S. West without such a plan. The new rules put local agencies in charge of assessing and managing groundwater basins. They also give the state new authority to step in if local officials fail to stem declining water supplies.

Groundwater accounts for about 60 percent of California’s water supply — about 20 percent more than it would in an average year, the Desert Sun of Palm Springs noted.

With the state enduring devastating drought levels, surface water supplies are disappearing and Californians — especially farmers — are having to pump more from groundwater wells. More than than half of the state in an “exceptional” drought, the highest of five rankings by the U.S. Drought Monitor, while about 95 percent is in a “severe” drought.

At the signing ceremony, water authorities applauded California’s new regulations. But other experts have cautioned that it could take years for the rules to fully take effect, and it could be decades before the most depleted groundwater basins recover under the rules, the Los Angeles Times previously reported.

Nearly 62 trillion gallons of groundwater have disappeared from the U.S. West in the past few years due to drought and population growth, California scientists said last month. As a result, the Earth’s crust is starting to “rise up like an uncoiled spring,” according to their study.

In July, California water regulators passed the first emergency water restrictions for the entire state. The rules threaten to levy fines of up to $500 a day on Californians who overwater their yards or hose down sidewalks and driveways. Over the coming decades, climate change-related droughts could require California to cut its net water usage by up to 20 percent, water experts say.

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