Twin Palms (Montego Bay, Jamaica) resembles a Romanesque palace overlooking a fairy tale garden. The villa is fronted by seven connecting pools of varying depths that flow ingeniously from one to the next. The children’s pool is shallow, the adults’ long and deep, while the whirlpools bubble. Part of the famed Tryall Golf Club, this lavish destination offers unique views of the championship course below.

The villa includes a small gym, home entertainment system and bar. During the design process, special attention was given to families. A unique children’s playroom features ping pong, foosball, books, board games and craft materials. The resplendent formal dining areas are surely the best place for those special announcements. The villa features a full, friendly and professional staff who will happily attend to your needs and individual requests.

Expert architecture and execution have created one of the finest private homes in the Caribbean. The immaculate interior includes suede, linen, lime-washed walls, mahogany, leather, marble and slate. Elegant furnishings and light fixtures were imported from the United States and Italy. While all living spaces are designed on one level, a spiral staircase leads up nineteen steps to a breathtaking sky loft on a breezy deck with a 270 degree ocean view.

Seven celestial bedrooms accommodate up to sixteen fortunate guests at Twin Palms. Each bedroom includes en-suite bathroom, air conditioner and flat screen TV. While each bedroom is decorated according to its own color and decorative theme, the stately beds are pristinely adorned with the finest white linens. The stunning views are lush and enticing.

Tryall Club has been rated by Condé Nast as one of the top destinations in the world. Membership to the Tryall Club includes access to the eighteen hole golf course, tennis courts, fitness center and a beach with cafe. Fit for a king and remarkable for entertaining, the villa is designed to accommodate families and friends in extraordinary comfort and exquisite style. You and your lucky entourage will feel like heroes in a period piece during your stay at Twin Palms due to its magnificent design, decor and attention to choice refinement.

Happy!CielAU arcs

Kidnapping arc: Someone comes within 5 miles of the manor with bad intentions and is killed instantly because Sebastian is not even remotely fucking around in this ‘verse. 

Jack the Ripper arc: Red starts getting sloppy and Sebastian confronts her about it. Gives her an ultimatum that she can take her ‘butler’ and stage an elopement to France or he can kill her and make it look like an accident. Either way Ciel is never going to find out what she did and have his idea of his loving aunt tarnished. He gets very excited when he hears the news about Her ‘wedding’ and spends a day playfully planning a lavish wedding for him and Sebastian with Lizzy and Nina for when he grows up. 

Curry contest arc: Ciel and Sebastian are attacked in town by a crowd and hearing Ciel crying Agni comes to defend them. Soma and Ciel make friends and he is eager to help him find his love. Ciel sits on the counter helping Sebastian curry and drops in the chocolate he was eating. 

Circus arc: Ciel finds out the circus is in town and Sebastian agrees to take him. He is delighted and they stay behind and met the performers and everyone thinks he is just adorable and try and teach him to do some tricks but he is too clumsy to manage much and everyone just thinks that is cuter still. He goes home and wakes up with a bad flu, Sebastian dotes on him and frets over his loves morality, Soma and Agni come by and help him and he is surprised to find he enjoys the company. The Midfords deal with Baron Kelvin and rescue the children. Lizzy comes to help care for Ciel afterwards, mets Soma and they are both instantly taken with each other.

Murder mystery arc: Sebastian arranges a meeting with Ciel’s favorite writer. The three talk for hours and he is charmed by both. He is inspired for years to come and works hard as to not disappoint that sweet boy.  

Ship Voyage arc: Ciel and Sebastian go on a boat journey to New York to met with an international toy company. They are happy to find the Midfords and Soma and Agni aboard. Ciel gets sick from the cold wet air and takes to his bed. Midfords investigate the phoenix club and Soma and Lizzy protect each other and grow closer. Agni, Sebastian and the Midfords fight UT and the reapers. Ciel wakes up on a life boat in Sebastian’s arms with everyone huddled around him to keep him warm and safe.

School arc:  Lizzy dresses up as a boy to sneak into the school so she and Edward could find the missing kid for the queen. She would work her way up the social ladder but actually doing all the stuff herself. Soma would be there and he would recognise her and try to help her all that he could and they would be meeting in secret and growing closer and eventually sharing a kiss one night. Lizzy and her brother would play cricket on teams against each other so that either way one of them would get the chance to go to the midnight tea and soma would offer to throw the game so that she could win but she tells him no and she wins on pure skill and determination. Ciel is only there to cheer at the game for this one and the rest of the time is at home recovering from his time on the ship and working on funtom business with Sebastian.

  • President Obama spent one night in Australia for Brisbane G20 summit
  • Entourage booked 4,096 rooms for $1.7m, Obama’s suite cost $2,000
  • His was the most expensive suite of any leader, Australia’s Tony Abbott paid $270 for his, Japan’s Shinzo Abe stayed in $170-a-night Novotel
  • Justification document said it was ‘reasonable based on city’s prices’
  • Comes eight months after MailOnline revealed Obama’s one-night Brussels trip cost taxpayers $2.9m for rental cars and hotels

The revelation from The Weekly Standard comes just eight months after MailOnline revealed Americans footed Obama’s $2.9 million bill for hotels and rental cars in Brussels.

The president’s own room was the most expensive of all the world leaders at the summit as he based himself at the $2,000 (AUS$2,500) a night Marriott Hotel.