For all those keeping track of these things and forgive my impulsive nature, but this is Sparta…Tumblr.

laivine is now lavenderward (which incidentally, I discovered in googling, is the name of a psychiatric ward in a couple British hospitals and adds a new shade to my new favoritist, most wonderful, most replayed, most lyrically lovely Mumford song, “For Those Below.”)

Let’s hope *I* can remember this.

lavenderward replied to your postI have until September in my dorm. That’s seven…

Do you have any options to stay on like a work visa, etc? Is there a counselor at the school that could give you the steps you might need to take so you could stay permanently?

Well the plan is to do my PhD here at the same school. I know I can get into the program but the course convener said people usually take a few months in between. I want to start in September but odds are I wouldn’t be able to start until March or April of 2014. Renewing my visa isn’t an issue for that, it’s just getting housing and a job. 

It is possible that I could start my PhD in September but it’s all up in the air right now. Plus, I’m loathe to take on more student loans. It’s just…complicated. And I’m sure my fear of ending up back where I was isn’t helping me any. 


lavenderward replied to your post: 46. 57. 68.

You got better, though. I am lucky if I don’t crack the ball on the lane and get to roll down to the end.

Haha. I never bowl. I spend so much time there working, I don’t want to be there when I’m off. We have this little informal league and they have people that just float in and out and Amanda bowls with them. I found myself with a Monday off so they invited me to bowl with them. And I’m apparently not the worst bowler they’ve bowled with. Lol.