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Blake opened her eyes half-way, the normally amber colored irises now a soft lavender hue as she yawned, swinging her legs and going to stand—- Before she fell to the ground, which was further than she had first thought it to be. She sat up, rubbing her shoulder as she glanced over….to see herself sleeping? She  moved over and shook the body that must have been hers, brows furrowing.

Wake up…!!”

It’s Diwali! The Festival of Lights is being celebrated today in India.

Many memories are associated with this day (actually night). What I miss the most is lighting up clay lamps and candles all over the house with my sister and the family dinner afterwards.

The festival signifies the victory of good over evil, light over darkness and knowledge over ignorance.

I wish there be more light in everyones lives!

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"Let me go!!"

My Muse is walking down the Road when they See Someone jump from a dark Alleyway and Pull Someone else into it, Send “Let Me Go!!” For My Muse’s reaction to Realizing it’ Your Muse in Danger..

The night was calm, warm and sadly…boring. Yang gave a sigh while walking around town, there had to be something fun to do. However someone was yelling, and glancing up, Lavender Hue caught sight of…Blake? She was being pulled off into an alleyway by….The White Fang!

"Hang On Blake!!" Yang shot forward, Hair suddenly alight with gold rays and ember cilicas unfolded, a crack of her fists and the alleyway was alight with powerful explosions as the two hulking men were sent flying about. Yang stood there at the ready encase they got up. "You okay Blake? Get up!..We gota go.."


Lavender hues
coat the garden
rooted deeply
beneath coiled snakes
they slither in my sleep
hissing doubts
to disdain my dreams
promising me
I don’t deserve
each blooming petal
dancing in the winds
so I awake each morning
and count the stems
assuring myself
your beauty
will never leave me


【 真相 】Silence and sunshine. Kirigiri remained seated on a couch, fingers delicately turning the pages over in her book. It wasn’t a textbook, but a mere book of fiction. While the sleuth was of a quiet one, she was rarely seen around and active around the perimeters. Borrowing the book from the library, she was placed onto her bed, reading. Her head rested lightly onto the pillow, lavender hues moving to follow the text of the book at her own pace. Her thoughts and silence was interrupted when the doorbell rang. Tensing up for a brief moment, the sleuth grabbed a small piece of paper, slipping it onto the book to hold her place while she forced herself up. 

Feet stepped onto the carpet underneath and a gloved hand reached for the doorknob, twisting and pulling to reveal the figure whom interrupted her silence. ❝ Celestia? ❞ Kirigiri paused for a split moment, before opening the door more. ❝ Did you need something from me? ❞   ⋘

head-canon; due to Kisame’s unusual genetic pigmentation, his skin does not react the same as others when embarrassed, blushing, and other activities that cause the skin to become hot.  His skin does not show as red when it becomes agitated, or hot, but instead it becomes a hue of lavender-periwinkle.  This includes if he is grazed by nails, or teeth, if they do not cut the skin the raised markings left behind will appear as a pale purple shade.

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stryka—x replied to your post:"Would… you ever slow dance with me?"

Nods as sapphires meet lavender hues, smiling a little as he rests palms along her waist. “Why not now?”

Blush immediately spreads across her cheeks, amethyst gaze dropping down as her hands hover just above his arms, but not holding on. Honestly, she hadn’t expected the other to take her up on the offer so suddenly (if at all), and Hiyori never was good at this sort of thing. 

"E-Eh? Now?" A pause, lips pressing together. "But there’s no music…!" 

Interview with You Are Remarkable/Feel Good Revolt

Fox Pflueger is perhaps the most remarkable human being. From being a performer and artist to being an actor and all-around goddess, Fox spreads colorful joy wherever she goes. Her aura and clothing radiate beautiful hues of lavender and purple and when she isn’t parading around Melbourne in the Colour Parade or doing photoshoots for LunaSea Creations, she can be found getting shit done on her blog Consider It Did. Make sure to also check out her Instagram for a daily dose of color and beauty.

What’s your name? Fox Pflueger

How old are you? Twenty-four

What makes you feel remarkable? Knowing that I have the opportunity to do anything and be anything that I want to be.

If you are having a sub-par day, what do you do &/or say to make yourself feel good again? 
Be active. Going for a walk, or a swim or having a dance. Movement does wonderful things for the mind.

Where do you think love hides? Inside of every person’s ability to love themselves.

When do you feel most loved? 
When I truly and unconditionally love myself. All other kinds of love flow my way when that happens.

What inspires most of your writing? 
Experiences and people. Life is one big funny poem.

What is your favorite rainy day activity? Staying in bed, drinking tea and cuddling.

What do you think is the most beautiful thing about people? 
Empathy, generosity and kindness.

When you hear the word “beautiful” what image immediately pops up in your mind? 
Vast green landscapes.

When you hear the word “love” what sound resonates in your ears? The breeze in the trees, wind chimes and songbirds.

What makes you feel hope? Knowing that everyone wants the best for themselves and everyone else.

Who do you think is a remarkable person? My mother.

Where do you get your confidence? Knowing that what other people think of me is none of my business, so I should just do whatever I want because I need not worry what anyone else thinks.

What are your favorite things? My cat, but he is hardly a thing, more like a friend. My bed, my journal, and the opal ring my great aunt gave me.

Where do you live? 
Uncle Zane’s, Preston, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Earth, The Milky Way, The Known Universe.

Tell us about your part of the world: There are alleyways behind all of the houses full of overhanging fruit trees, if you walk along them for long enough you can get almost anywhere you’d need to go; cafes, studios, galleries, and the homes of my friends.

What should others do to make the world a better place? Listen to their hearts and speak the loving truth.

How do you deal with failure? Knowing that everything happens for a reason, that if one thing doesn’t work out that it is a lesson or a doorway to my ultimate destiny.

What’s the most recent random act of kindness you’ve witnessed? A few of my friends have been going to a studio almost every day, purely out of kindness and a desire to be helpful, to make sunsets out of old receipts to be the set in a show that is being devised for Melbourne Fringe Festival.

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I wanted to practice using more detail when I draw hair, so I decided to do some Lab babies! Again… There’s just so much pretty hair in Lab okay ; H ;

In order these are Lulu, Anastacia (Anya), and Oliver, who belong to Shushida, Ravina Loki, and Lavender Hues on Gaia!

I’m so damn proud of their hair thought omg especially Lulu’s. ; v ; I love drawing braids so much ugh