If you head to Yosemite National Park this time of year and stop by Horsetail Fall at just the right time, you might see something spectacular: As the sun sinks low in the sky, the waterfall glows with streaks of gold and yellow — and it looks just like molten lava.

After years of shooting the phenomenon, [photographer Michael] Frye knows all the tricks — from the best parking spots to the best place to set up your tripod. But he says it isn’t the resulting prints so much as the experience that he’s come to cherish.

"The photographs of Horsetail Fall are spectacular, but actually witnessing this event in person is much more amazing."

From Waterfall To Lavafall: Yosemite’s Fleeting Phenomenon

Photo Credit: Michael Frye

Minecraft Nomad Adventures

DAY 4: Set sail once again, through the ocean. Arrived at a pine forest, near a lavafall. There was a vast quarry near it, with a high amount of coal: no iron in sight. That is, until I fell down a deep ravine, landing right next to iron. Finally, I can shear sheep.

NIGHT 4: Made a holehouse in the ravine. Turns out the wall was right next to the beach, so I won’t have to carve stairs. Cooked all my food, smelted my ores. Dyed my boots orange, to test my new flower based dyes. A giant spider chirped in my window. Slept uneasily.

DAY 5: Killed spider in the morning, and sheared sheep. A creeper almost got me in the spruce forest. Found another town, next to snowy mountains. I decided to bring them my wool, before ascending the peaks. Sadly, this town was more intested in books, which I lacked. Grumble.

NIGHT 5: Slept in the library.

DAY 6: Ascended the mountain to get a better view. I passed many cave opening as I journeyed upwards, luckily nothing sinister have slithered out of them, despite the horrifying noises. Saw something strange in the distance. As I descended the other side, the undead attacked me: one of them was an infected villager. I laid them to rest, and ran as fast as I could from this cursed place. The strange thing in the distance turned out to be a pumpkin patch. I took one to ward off the evil spirits.

NIGHT 6: Tired from the long walks and ardous climbs, I slept in the open, in the middle of a forest.

DAY 7: I slept soundly, with no rude bites and claws to wake me up. After a leasure jog through a seemingly endless grasslands, I was at a dilemma: should I ascend a tall mountain once more, this one reaching to the clouds, or should I embark on the ocean blue? I decided to go for the mountain: I must touch the clouds, to gain their favour. On my there, I found a strange tunnel: a friendly spider and a green beast emerged from it. The beast exploded, killing the arachnid. Weeping, I took the piece of string that left of it.I arrived to the summit, and indeed, I could touch the clouds. I felt like the king of the world. But alas, not even this was enough for the horses sitting at the bottom of the mountain. As I regaled them my deeds, they just neighed, and did not let me ride them.

NIGHT 7: I almost fell pray to an ambush of skeletons. I ran away, and slept in a safe location, hoping that the nightmare will be over soon. How long until I find the promised Mesa?

To be continued…