Opening 2 October: Nanna Krogh Lauritsen

NAU Gallery: Opening 2nd of October

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“The system is the work of art;
the visual work of art is the proof of the system.
The visual aspect can’t be understood
without understanding the system.
It isn’t what it looks like but what it is
that is of basic importance.”

- Sol LeWitt.

Because of systems, the works exist. They came into being with the aid of light, and light-sensitive paper made them visible. They are built, created and formed by the hand.
The photographs challenge the photographic convention by paring it down to materials and surfaces, light and shapes. In bringing a system into the making of the photographs it becomes possible to know when they are finished: the system carries a beginning and an end and the photographs are made in between.

Nanna Lauristen (b. 1984) graduated with BFA in photography from The Academy of Valand, Gothenburg in spring 2014. Photographic materials and techniques are the main content of her work as she experiments with and investigates how photographs can be created – often without the use of a camera. The emphasis is on photography as a craft, and a medium in the form of light, time, darkness and space.
/ Antonia Von Euler, Írena Steindórsdóttir, Sophie Fransson & Caroline Leuhusen