1) I care a lottt

2) The way I make drinks. Them tasty. 

3) I can bounce back with ease a lot of the time

4) Optimism and hope! I have way too much haha

5) The people I meet :D

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Nickname(s): Uhh…okay here’s things I’ve been called:

  • Jezza
  • Jeremiah
  • Jemery
  • J-Dawg
  • Jazzy
  • Burnsy
  • Hot Stuff (had this on the back of my year 12 jumper haha, the principal one time was taking a tour around the year 12 building, and one of the parents asked him why “that student has ‘hot stuff’ on his jumper.” His face went pale and he said “Uh, why DO you have that on your jumper”. I paused, looked him in the eye as he was very nervous and replied “Because I have a higher than average internal body temperature” and went back to doing homework haha. He owes me one still.)
  • Third Degree
  • Carpet
  • Side
  • Big Boy -.- Never. Again. I swear to god
  • Sergeant Awesome (as joke from a uni tutor because she ask if anyone wanted to be referred to as anything else and I said this and to this day she calls me this and forgets my name, I’m pending promotion to captain still)
  • Ami

Birthday: Feb 18

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: North East Gay

Height: 5’8/5’9 ish I don’t know

Favourite colour(s): Green, Blue, Purple now…Black with colours on it is nice mainly those ones though. 

Time and Date at the current moment: 4:57pm, December 18, 2014

Average time I sleep: Uhhh…lemme do some math. I don’t know haha. It varies a lot. 8-9ish? Depends. 

Lucky Number: What’s the winning lottery ticket one this week?

Last thing I Googled: Uhhhh…I think it was something either fructose related or to do with something very specific to a joke I thought of to check accuracy haha. 

First word that comes to mind: Brain (get it, it comes to min…never mind)

One place that makes me happy: Someone special’s arms

How many blankets I sleep under: One doona, one sheet. I’ve had two before in winter but I got a new one that’s warmer so I don’t need it. 

Favourite fictional character: Uhhh…Joker/Batman? Idk. 

Book: I liked Anthony Horowitz, Eion Colfer, Derek Landy and Eragon, not really reading anymore though. 

Animation: Phineas and Ferb, Studio Ghibli

T.V. show(s): OITNB, Game of Thrones, others maybe depends who with haha

Favourite beverage: Everything. Everything but Coffee and Alcohol. I like having a mix of milk based, fruit based, cordial based and soft drinks throughout my day :3 

Favourite food: Malteasers (yess), Chicken Parma, Kangaroo Burgers (because I don’t eat beef or lamb), Bakery Goods (love so much omg).   

Dream Holiday: Travelling around and not having to worry about money with someone who loves meeee

Dream Wedding: No idea haha, just one to someone special, hopefully being asked that’d be nice 

Dream Job: No idea. I just wanna enjoy it. I like helping people so if I could somehow have money and do that that’d be good, but I don’t want people to pay me for talking to them and caring..

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Thanks all of you for like, literally liking my content and interacting with me and stuff :D Have funnn

laurentbelkacem asked:

Those who would give up guns to purchase a Kinder Surprise, deserve neither guns nor Kinder Surprise.

I wholeheartedly agree. Now, what we really need is Kinder Surprise eggs with guns inside of them. I’d buy those by the cart full.


laurentbelkacem replied to your post: thunderswarehouse replied to your post: Why fuck…

I’m European. We don’t believe much in stopping-power.

Good, good. The only good thing I can say about the idea of “stopping power”, is that at the very least, it’s still not as stupid as the “knockdown power” that a lot of fudds like to brag about .45ACP having.

What I absolutely love, though, is when they make such a big deal about the diameter of the bullet, and then act as though 9x19mm Parabellum is an entirely inferior round to .38SPL, despite them being nearly the same size. 


laurentbelkacem replied to your post “Tumblr thinks I can speak the language of the Philippines for some…”

Or you can just tag along.

sirgothamhat replied to your post “Tumblr thinks I can speak the language of the Philippines for some…”

The language is actually called Tagalog though. But you could tag a log of language names

Well I have learnt something new today, even if I was a bit trans-late to finding out…