There and Back Again

There I am, back on Tumblr… I needed time to put things in order in my life and more important in my head. Had probably a depression in November and December, still trying to get out of it but much better.

Single again, mostly because of me. I saw too many red flags and had no more trust in her and in me. The breakup was and is the reason of my depressed state, with some financial uncertainties, professional troubles, and also missing my late parents. Especially my mother… I miss her so much.

I worked hard to put my finances in the good direction from October to the end of the year with an extra job. So it is going quite well now, especially since the Euro depreciated so much today. Thanks to the end of the peg!

So, I focus right now in clearing my debts and improving my professional profile by taking classes on Coursera. Next step is working on some personal projects!

I am very thankful to good friends like laurentbelkacem.

5 Facts About Me Apparently Although Who Can Really Verify Them

I was attacked tagged by likingthistoomuch, so now I have to spill…uhh, well let’s see what happens. 

  1. I have recessive jeans..yeah those damn pants keep sliding down…because I’m skinny…also I have red hair blue eyes left handedness ear lobes and a bunch of other unlikely genetics because grandparents. 
  2. I love making drinks. Will this get me thirst follows? On average I have 3 litres of cafe quality caramel milkshake mix, as well as the ability to make 4-5 other flavours, I have at least 2 types of cordial, I have bitters to mix lemon lime and…that other one, and yeah, just a lot of stuff. I like drinks more than food
  3. I’ll cling to someone special, but I’ll care for them so ridiculously deeply if they can love me back despite my flaws. I live by affection. Am demisexual. Yeah. 
  4. I write music and made an abridged series for Batman TAS which I did a bad soundtrack for and yeah don’t you dare go looking for it it’s terribly done and I stopped and you’ll never know which one is me mwahaha.
  5. I used to be obsessed with Lego, in particular Star Wars lego, but I never got any of the good ones just the small kits but yeah I’d spend hours creating ships and worlds and then playing out narratives when I was done, but then I gave it all away, I guess I had to Lego of it :’( (My 4 year old cousin has it now and I hope he loves it and doesn’t eat it) 

And yeah that’s that. Sooo, onto my tags. You’ve done this before but idec do it AGAIN mwaha soymllk. Also I wanna mention the people who love me the most right now apparently who areee:

laurentbelkacem -two-lips outergalacticko mychalizhiding anomalousindustryenigma brrrmp fireballbuffy2109 you guys are my winnerrssss so thanks for all your attention and I’m so sorry about everything haha. 

laurentbelkacem asked:

Those who would give up guns to purchase a Kinder Surprise, deserve neither guns nor Kinder Surprise.

I wholeheartedly agree. Now, what we really need is Kinder Surprise eggs with guns inside of them. I’d buy those by the cart full.

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Name: Jeremy but you can call me anytime

Birthday: 18th February 

Sexual Orientation: Straight as a ball of string

Height: I have no idea I’m like somewhere idk. 5’8 ish sometimes 5’9 apparently I don’t knowwwwwwwwwwww I’m not lying I’m just telling tall tales. 

Favourite Colour: Green/Blue/Purple on black. 

Current date and time: Jan 21st 1:23am

Last thing you googled: Uhh…computer stuff because I’m selling like 5 laptops to fund the now one I am currently using. 

Favourite books: Deltora, Skulduggery Pleasant, Redwall, Artemis Fowl etc. but I haven’t read in a fair bit haha, thus my adolescent taste ^^’

Favourite TV shows:
I don’t really watch much TV but I’m up to date with OITNB and GoT, I like Phineas and Ferb as well as a show called The Gruen Transfer when it was called that. I dabble here and there occasoinally but yeah. 

Favourite Drink: All but alcohol and coffee (unless it’s like supermarket iced coffee I have that like here and there) 

Favourite Alcoholic Drink: Don’t drink, so, Lemon Lime and Bitters technically haha

Last movie I saw in the cinemas: Big Hero 6 :D With someone cute (didn’t go with a mirror no, wow I just made my first public arrogant joke I feel dirty)

Dream Holiday:
Anywhere with a decent amount of money and the company of someone who adores me and is happy to do both anything and nothing at a whim haha

Dream job:
Not sure tbh, I’d like to think I could teach, or counsel, or design games, or idk I’m all over the place haha. I just want to do something I’ll enjoy, no matter the pay, because in the end what’s the point of life if you’re not enjoying living, ya know?

Okay, taggywaggies; krakenjokes9, acashforgold, laurentbelkacem, anomalousindustryenigma, outergalacticko, fireballbuffy2109

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I’m European. We don’t believe much in stopping-power.

Good, good. The only good thing I can say about the idea of “stopping power”, is that at the very least, it’s still not as stupid as the “knockdown power” that a lot of fudds like to brag about .45ACP having.

What I absolutely love, though, is when they make such a big deal about the diameter of the bullet, and then act as though 9x19mm Parabellum is an entirely inferior round to .38SPL, despite them being nearly the same size.