Another terribly important portrait.

This is my Mom, my best friend, my inspiration, my cheerleader, and just one hell of an amazing woman. Not only is rare that I convince my Mom, or Sparky as I like to call her, to let me take her photograph…. but in a bathing suit none the less!

The location for this shot is terribly important for two main reasons:

1.) My mom loves the beach. Always has. Always will.

2.) This was taken at Mentor Headlands Beach on Lake Erie. Where my Mom grew up and spent her days tanning when she still lived in Willoughby, Ohio with her parents.

Now although my following statement may sound slightly juvenile, I feel as though it is terribly important within this project TO photograph people that are important to me. Aren’t those the people who make up my personal history? What sort of statement would I be making if all the people I photographed I had no connection with what so ever?

Thank you very much for your help Mom! As always, you have stood by my side…and although maybe with some complaining (especially with this one! ;) ) Have helped me through another project!!


In honor of her birthday, I’m giving a sneak peak of the summer work I have done with the one and only Melanie Antoinette. This lovely lady has been my model…well….since she was probably about five.

There will be more to come, but I thought I would let these ones fly for a moment. This work will be on my website soon enough under: FEATURE: Neon Summer. More to come soon!


Two years ago, on November 29, 2011, I was working on an idea for my first Christmas card to send out to my friends and family. I sent out a pretty adorable Christmas card (if I do say so myself) using an ornament an old friend gave me, snowflakes my mom had made for a photograph I took two years prior, and a piece of fabric that I simply liked the color of. Going along with my usual photographic process, I took a ton of shots slowly building into the winning shot. Along with that winning shot, I took some other photographs that I felt were good, but not that great and I liked having the robot hanging out anyways. 

To this day, I still have every single frame I took and all the props (especially my snowflakes) that were used. Sometimes I feel like I’m hoarding, but then something pops up, like a Christmas email blast for my work, where these things may come in handy — like one of my favorite shots of the snowflakes which we are now using on our Christmas card.

Basically, what I’m saying is save everything… you’ll never know when you may need it again! : )