*plot twist* "Have you seen Arizona?" Callie asked the nurse behind the nurses station " I had to leave surgery early, there done in OR 3 right ?" "Yes, but I haven't seen her. Sorry Dr.Torres" she replied going back to filling out charts. Calle saw Leah Stephanie and Shane sitting on an empty hospital bed down the hall. "Have either of you seen, Dr. Robbins or Dr.Boswell?" Callie asked looking at each of them. "Yeah that way. By the on call room.." Leah replied pointing. Callie took of tword the on call room not bothering to thank leah. When Callie rounded the corner she saw Arizona hugging Lauren. Callie slowed down and watched them , Lauren noticed Callie , lauren got this evil smile of her face, the lights went out and callie heard the door to the on call room slam shut. When the lights came on just moments later Callie started tword the on call room. She opened the door with lighy force but it still flew open and hit the wal with a bang. Arizona was faceing away from Lauren. "Callie , I'm so sorry callie she kissed me. I pushed away!" Arizona said startung to cry. Callie knew Arizona was telling the truth. "Is that true?"Callied demanded looking at lauren stepping in from of Arizona. "And if it is? She is allowed to lose a little bit of control" lauren replied crossing her arms over her chest. Callie who had rolled up her sleeves while lauren was talking pounced tword Lauren. Throwing her against the wall hard. "Calliope" Arizona Gasped through her sobs. "Lo simplemrnte piense que usted podria consequir Arizona enganar a mi?" Callie screamed in laurens face pulling her off the wall and slaming her in to it again. "What the.." Karev yelled as he ran in"torres!" Callie raised her fist and punched Lauren right in the nose before Karev could pull her away. "Karmas a bitch Torres" Lauren Yelled at Callie as she collapsed to the floor.

One shot fan fic I wrote!!:)

Day 14: Favorite Scrub Cap - Addison’s, Arizona’s, Derek’s, April’s, Lauren’s and Teddy’s ❤

I love Addison’s pink spade/club inspired design. Arizona’s two flowery caps. a bubbly one because she’s on Peds. Derek’s ferry boat addiction. Teddy’s love for birds, April’s mosaic type yet very nice and Lauren’s summery themed cap. It really reflects their personalities. Sooo lovely! 😍💖 #greysanatomy #30daygreysphotochallenge#addisonmontgomery #arizonarobbins #derekshepherd #aprilkepner #teddyaltman #laurenboswell