So deathhasalwaysfaszinatedme tagged me in this awhile ago, but. Y’know. School. Life. SO I’LL DO IT NOW! :D

Rules: Insert your answers below and tag 10 of your followers. :)

Name: Stephanie!

Nickname: Steph, Chey, (pronounced “shy”) Little Red, Stephano, Flareon. (I have a lot, okay. ;-;)

Birthday: January 9th, 1998! :3

Gender: Female.

Sexuality: Straight.

Height: Shit homie, I don’t know. Average height?

Time Zone: No clue…XD

Current Time and Date: 9/12/2014, 11:43 AM.

Last Thing You Googled: Tumblr.

Most Used Phrases: Fucking PISS, cock-sucking midgets, god damn it, FUCK MY ASS, HELLA. (I’m a very vulgar person, I’m sorry.)

Last Thing You Said To A Family Member: I’M BLEEDING OUT OF MY VAGINA. (Dad: That’s fantastic….)

Favorite Beverage: Tea. c:

First Word That Comes To Mind: Gurrrrrl.

Happy Place: Home, my boyfriend’s arms, in the mountains/woods, ROOM FULL OF CANINES.

Three Things You Can’t Live Without: (THINGS, not people or actual living beings.) Chocolate, Internet, and Pokemon.

Advice To Your Followers: Fuck bitches, get money.

Shit, who shall I tag? jehearogaming, agt-mothman, thegreatfapsby, myweirdfandoms, love-peace-hope-happiness, we-are-all-stories-in-the-end, chippythedog, pajamabrainwashtime, pixelraptor1, lauren303. Do it if you want, or not, but it’d love to see your answers. (/^.^\)