Not Alone | Pearlet

A/N; warning: smut. So, this takes place between episodes five and six. It’s the night after eliminations from the DESPY Awards episode (5!), in which the lovely Violet won Shadiest Queen. If you need a refresher, watch the fifth episode of Untucked, as it’s referred to in this fic. If you were wondering, I used gender neutral pronouns for Violet since Jason identifies as genderqueer. Enjoy! xo - lauren

Just as Violet finished taking off the last of their makeup from the DESPY Awards, almost fully out of drag, there was a quick knock on their hotel room door.

They glanced at the clock. It was just past midnight. Violet was slightly perplexed - production didn’t often speak to the contestants that late, if ever.

“Who is it?” Violet called out, wiping off the rest of their red lipstick onto a cotton pad and throwing it into the trash can. They waited for an answer, but it never came. Instead, there was yet another knock, this time sounding more urgent.

“Open the door!” someone replied in a whisper-yell from the other side. Violet, recognizing the voice, obliged to the command. Pearl, completely out of drag, practically pushed Violet back inside, before roughly closing the door and locking it behind him. “Jesus, do you want to get me disqualified?”

“Bitch, I’m not the one sneaking into other people’s rooms at this time!” Violet exclaimed, surprised at the sudden visit. “We’ll both get disqualified if they find you in my room.” Violet noticed that Pearl looked slightly flustered, his cheeks flushed and eyebrows furrowed.

 “Speaking of bitch,” Pearl started, taking a seat on Violet’s bed, “What the fuck was that earlier - backstage, during Untucked?” He crossed his arms over his chest and looked at Violet expectantly. The latter tilted their head to the side, confused.

“What do you mean?” Violet asked.

’I have not felt friendship from anyone here besides this episode, from Fame?’” Pearl quoted Violet’s words from earlier that day verbatim, eyebrows raised. “Are you fucking kidding me?”

Violet practically scoffed. “Wait, are you actually bothered by that? I didn’t mean anything personal, Pearl. It’s how I felt, and I said it. I still stand by it.”

Pearl laughed incredulously. “I have been nice to you during this entire competition, Violet. We’ve been friendly, and you can’t tell me that we haven’t been.”

“I wasn’t talking about just being friendly, I was talking about having an actual bond! And you almost called me out on some shit I did, too, don’t act like you weren’t trying to attack me with everyone else, either.”

“No one was attacking you! People would bond with you if you didn’t have walls up all the fucking time. I’ve tried to be friends with you, Violet, but you have to let me do that and stop pushing everyone away and being so bitchy all the time! You’re ridiculous!“

“Weren’t you just calling me vulnerable earlier today? Saying I showed vulnerability?” Violet said, their voice shaky, “I don’t understand why you’re so mad about it now!” They felt tears springing to their eyes and quickly focused on the carpeted floor, which looked particularly interesting in comparison to Pearl’s fixated glare. Quickly, Violet wiped away a stray tear with their fingertips. Across the room, Pearl visibly relaxed at the sight of Violet starting to break down.

“I didn’t mean to upset you,” Pearl sighed, running a hand through his hair, frustrated. “Come sit with me.”

Violet took a seat next to Pearl on the bed, but kept their gaze away from Pearl’s eyes. This wasn’t something Violet wanted to talk about anymore, but obviously, Pearl was still troubled by the situation.

“Look,” Pearl started, “I’m just kind of offended. I mean, I thought we were on good terms. It feels like a one-way street most of the time when I try talking to you in the workroom, but I think you’re cool. I would actually be your friend if you, y’know, let me,” he said gently, playfully nudging Violet’s ribs.

“I just…” Violet exhaled, trying to find the right words. “I’m so fucking used to people not liking me back at home. Whether it was based on the fact that I do drag and I’m queer as fuck or not, people loved to hate me. And I learned from that, and… I guess I grew a strong, kind of bitchy exterior. I started caring only about what I thought, and stopped listening to what anyone else said about me. And that worked. Once people saw that I wasn’t listening to anything negative they said about me, they stopped. I guess I brought that exterior here.”

“And that’s understandable. I get that, but-“

 “No, you don’t get it, Pearl. I have to be afraid that the people I like are going to constantly judge me or leave me. I don’t want to be that way, I just am. And then I take my experiences and fucking learn from them and try to improve myself, but it seems like that’s not working, since everyone fucking hates me here.”

Pearl put his hand on Violet’s shoulder. “Okay, look. I had a really shitty upbringing. I know how it is. But you’re not alone here. Nobody hates you. And yes, the bitches in this competition are cruel. It’s a race – of course you need some sort of strength to get through it. But you don’t need to shut everyone out. You have people here that care about you. You have Fame,” Pearl pointed out. “And you have me, too. I wasn’t kidding when I said we’ve had some good times together.”

Violet laughed, finally making eye contact with Pearl. “Like drunkenly sneaking into the bar and making out after our first runway? Or me sneaking in your room to borrow makeup before the spoofs and ending up giving you a handjob because your boner was that fucking hard (no pun intended) to ignore?” They grinned, “Are you sure you want to actually befriend me and not just use me to get off?”

Pearl smirked. “Both, really. I’ll take both. I think we work well together.”

“Oh, do we?” Violet quipped, leaning closer to Pearl, their faces inches apart. “How about you show me how well we work together, then?”

Since the beginning, there had been an attraction between the two, and it didn’t just begin with a drunken make out after the first runway. The coy looks across the workroom since then didn’t go unnoticed, and the careful analysis of each other’s runway outfits – mostly as an excuse to check each other out – was obvious as well. It didn’t help that they were able to use the Glamazonian Airways challenge in week two as an excuse to needlessly stare and touch each other.

Yes, they were physically attracted to each other, for sure. But now the possibility of a stronger emotional connection lingered, and it excited both of them.

Wordlessly, Pearl closed the gap in between them, bringing his lips to Violet’s. Instinctively, Violet immediately deepened the kiss, before biting lightly on Pearl’s lower lip. Pearl let out a small surprised moan, bringing his legs onto the bed and getting on his knees, their lips still attached. Violet followed suit, and Pearl softly pushed Violet’s back onto the bed.

He pulled away from Violet’s lips and started peppering small kisses along Violet’s exposed skin, which wasn’t much – Violet had immediately changed into a white t-shirt and pajama shorts, while Pearl wore a black tank top and sweatpants.

Pearl lifted Violet’s shirt a little higher to expose their midriff and teased them, taking the skin right above Violet’s crotch into her mouth and sucking it, sure to leave a mark. Violet, growing impatient, sat up and took the shirt off, flinging it onto the floor. 

“You, too,” Violet mumbled lightly, and Pearl indulged, taking off his own shirt as well. As if their connection was magnetic, Pearl immediately occupied himself with Violet’s body again, with the latter tangling their hands in Pearl’s hair. “God, you’re so fucking hot,” Violet breathed.

Pearl smiled before looping his fingers inside of the hemline of Violet’s shorts and starting to pull them down. Violet lifted their hips up, allowing Pearl to take off the shorts and as a result, leaving Violet only in her underwear – a pair of lacy pink panties.

“Panties?” Pearl laughed a little bit, pressing his lips to the fragile fabric,

“It’s all I brought with me,” Violet said, but knew Pearl didn’t mind by the look on his face. “I like to feel sexy, even when I’m not trying to be.”

“You’re pretty fucking sexy for someone that’s not trying,” Pearl replied, palming Violet through their underwear. Violet was already hard, and Pearl took it to his advantage. He dipped his hand inside of the panties and pulled out Violet’s cock, stroking it gently. Violet thrusted once up into his hand, impatient. Pearl used his thumb to spread the precum over the tip and down their shaft. Violet moaned in reply, and Pearl liked the affirmation.

“You’re wearing too much clothes,” Violet whispered, reaching out for Pearl’s sweatpants while he still jerked off Violet. “Off.”

Pearl stopped his movements for a second to quickly dispose of both his sweatpants and underwear, and Violet immediately sat up, pulling down their panties and putting those on the floor, too. They pushed Pearl aside and moved to be on top, hovering over his body. Using their arms to support themself, Violet took Pearl’s erection into their mouth. They swirled their tongue along the tip, tasting the juices that leaked from it, before taking the entirety of it into their mouth.

“Fuck,” Pearl moaned, “You’re so good.”

Violet looked up at Pearl through their eyelashes, hollowing out their cheeks and continuing to bob their head over Pearl’s shaft. When it touched the back of her throat, Violet tried their best not to gag, and stared up at Pearl with triumphant eyes, who was biting hard down on his lower lip.

This was different from their first two hookups: when they first made out, they were both in drag, and the same went when Violet gave Pearl a hand job before “borrowing makeup.” (They would never let Pearl know that the makeup was just an excuse to see him. Honestly, Violet would never hear the end of it.) But hooking up out of drag made it seem different. More intimate, maybe.

Violet used their hands in conjunction with their mouth to work the length of Pearl and the latter continued to moan Violet’s name, and curse under his breath. “You’re so fucking good,” he said, picking up Violet’s hair with one hand and holding it above their head so that he could properly see their face. Violet winked at him before focusing their attention back on the situation at hand. 

“I’m gonna cum, stop. I wanna fuck you,” Pearl said, losing patience. “Vi, I wanna fuck you. Wanna make you feel good,” he repeated desperately when Violet didn’t stop.

 Violet released Pearl from their mouth. “No, it’s about you tonight, “ they assured him. Pearl had been having a rough week too, what with the drama with RuPaul. Violet also felt kind of bad for making fun of Pearl on stage for his personality being “barely there,” even though it seemed like Pearl had forogtten about it already. Violet just wanted to make it up to him.

Pearl wasn’t having it, though. He guided Violet to his face by her hair and leaned up to press their lips together. Violet practically melted into the kiss, and totally disregarded how they wanted this night to be about Pearl – they wanted to be fucked, too. The selfish bitch tendencies weren’t going to go away that fast.

Pearl sat up, reaching his hand behind Violet’s underside to gently push a finger into them. He pumped it in an out, successfully earning desperate whimpers from Violet. Violet laid their stomach down onto the mattress, giving Pearl access to slide into him.

 “Shit,” Pearl winced at the sensation of the tightness wrapping around his cock. “You feel amazing. Damn.”

Violet pushed their ass into Pearl’s hips, forcing him to go even deeper into them. Pearl got the idea and started thrusting, making both of them feel overwhelmed with pleasure. It had been so long since either of them had properly had sex, and they were both enjoying it.

Pearl grumbled, “Fuck, I’m getting close,” his movements becoming short and out of rhythm. His eyes clenched shut as his hands gripped the back of Violet’s ass. 

Violet had their hand around their own cock, rubbing around the length. “Come with me, baby,” they practically purred, and Pearl released with a sigh of Violet’s name, and Violet came into their hand not long after, almost collapsing onto the mattress.

“Here,” Pearl got up quickly to find some napkins for Violet, but the latter simply raised their eyebrows and licked the cum off of their fingers, staring at Pearl as he looked at their mouth, his eyes wide with awe. 

“You’re so goddamn hot,” Pearl said, capturing Violet in another kiss.

Violet laughed, pulling away and hugging Pearl tightly instead. Pearl wrapped his arms around Violet’s torso, lightly placing kisses onto their shoulder. “You were right,” Violet assured him, “we do work well together.”

So… Last April I went to Miami to cover the Premios Billboard. I was so excited to meet Fifth Harmony, and when it finally happened we had one of the funniest interviews I’ve ever done on a red carpet. But there’s nothing quite like watching things over and over again to pay attention to the little details and laugh out loud at what went down on a moment like this. You gotta love these girls and I hope I see them live soon as I’m missing them in both Miami AND London!

The way Dinah and Normani are looking at the camera.

The way Ally gets so excited because we’re singing a Selena song in Spanish and she knows the lyrics better than I do

Their coordinated “WHAT!” when I tell them I’m moving to Miami too.

Camila’s expression and Ally giving me a round of applause.

The way Camila says “YASSSSS, NORMANI!

Because… “Baby I’m worh it, uh huh I’m worth it, OOH