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I love Kyle Killen’s work! I’m so sad to hear he had another show cancelled on him. :((( Gonna have to look for these eps now.

The guy seriously needs to move to cable because his stuff just doesn’t gel with network TV. 

Right?! I’m actually not that surprised that it got canned. It’s too cerebral for general ABC audiences. And that’s not to say general audiences are dumb, it’s just not the kinda thing they wanna relax with after a day of work. While cable viewers expect this sort of storytelling. (Or so it seems to me.)

I hope HBO or something snags Killen. I just discovered his work, so Lone Star is next on my list! :D

Transpose Operator Guest Art - Laur Uy
Transpose Operator Guest art this week is by Laur Uy! Check out her fabulous illustration! It’s that time again! To celebrate the end of Chapter 3, we will be having guest art. It’s absolutely awesome stuff and I’m so happy about all the stunning artwork you get to look at! So enjoy! All the artists will have links to their various places online, be it blogs, twitters, webcomics, portfolio sites and such, I highly recommend checking them all out. Below is a preview of each artist and the date they’ll be appearing:

Tina Kim - Oct 29th
Matthew J. Rainwater - Nov 5th
Asiazia - Nov 12
Alicia Muhm - Nov 19th
Laur Uy - Nov 26th
Tara Abbamondi - Dec 3rd
Zach B. - Dec 10th
Ron Randall - Dec 17th
Katy Farina - Dec 24th
Francesca Buchko - Dec 31st
Extra special thanks to all of these talented people who contributed! You rock! Transpose Operator will be also be able to resume the 2 updates a week schedule once more after the guest art gallery!