Laura Kasperzak is a Yoga teacher and writer based in New Jersey. She posts regularly on Instagram, and likes to include her kids. 

Laura has been practising yoga for 17 years. Her daughter is just learning.

“It’s an amazing way to create memories and spend time with one another”, Laura explains.

Tutorial 😌
Step 1: Place Your hands Firmly On The Ground . Bring Ur Bum Up , As High As You Can
Step 2: Gently Swing One Leg to The Wall and then the Other One
Step 3: Slowly “ move” your upper body Away From the Wall .When You’ve Found Your Balance Tilt Your head And Try To Meet It With your foot
Step 4: when you’ve got That Down try to bring the other leg to Your head
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Crazy to think that 24 hours ago I was doing this with the ridiculously talented @upsidedownmama. Thank you for taking us out to dinner and for hanging on the beach! Can’t wait for our next play date! Thanks to @acroeddie for spotting us and thanks to @jessjo7 for taking the pic! Mahalo!! 🌺

Let your light shine! This gorgeous composition was taken by the super cool photog @robertsturman in Sedona last weekend. Featured, is my lovely friend @laurasykora in the ‘Sedona’ Haute Legz… How appropriate ;)
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