Recently changing my degree a bit so I’m now earning a double major, Canadian Studies and English, I’ve been surprised by how much reading that my Canadian Studies class has actually given me this year!

Some Books I’ve Read (So Far) This Semester | It’s A Wonder I Can Think At All

Laura blogs about her reading list through the semester.

After hearing how virtually unknown bands explode in popularity once university/college kids get to know them, Death Cab For Cutie and Vampire Weekend can be placed into this category, I was excited to go to university, amongst other reasons, to uncover some new music. When my brother (three years older) went off to university, he came back home with the sounds of the Dave Matthews Band, The Tragically Hip, and exam study playlists full of great music dubbed “exam jams.” Needless to say, my exposure to the Dave Matthews Band was my first real taste into the “world” of university music.

Laura talks about the world of “university music”.

University, Music, and Dave Matthews

After my first full week of school, it’s hard to shake the pain of dropping hundreds of dollars on books. (Yes, even though I love books…) While some of the books you buy will pour yourself over, mark-up, and keep for a very long time, others, let’s face it, will hardly ever be opened.

Laura shares some things to think about when buying, using, and selling textbooks.

I just spent how much on books? And now I have to read them?

Laura reflects on her summer internship.

“Last time I was here writing about my future summer plans, they didn’t look too exciting as I mostly went on about all the books I wanted to read. (Which considering that my to-read pile is now as high as my bed, I wasn’t toooo successful at.) But things took a turn for the better when I was offered an internship at a marketing agency here in Toronto.”


Laura gives some awesome advice to new incoming students for their start at Glendon!

“You’re anxious, nervous, and excited all at the same time, ready to start that new chapter in your life. So, what can you expect during your first week of classes at Glendon? Based on some of my experiences during my first week of classes at Glendon, here are some things to keep in mind during your first week: ”

Your First Week of School