Number 7? Right? Of my quick and shitty Hollstein skater au sketches. I really kinda fucked up on this one but I’m tired and can’t bring myself to be too mad. Fun fact: Carmilla’s outfit (SnapBack and all) is based off of one of my own favourite outfits consisting of my Silas U hoodie with a dark blue unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt, olive drab number 7 SnapBack, and my comfy ripped jeans.


Day Old Bird top
23 week old pullet center
Vaulted and non-vaulted skull
drawing (artist not known)

Polish chicks are born with this dome on top of their heads, it’s called a ‘vaulted skull’ and is made of bone. It makes them easy to Identify, but the actual purpose is to give them a better support for their crest of head feathers. Without the vault, the feathers flop to one side or the other.

EURASIAN or EUROPEAN BROWN BEAR (Ursus arctos arctos) - ©Laura Quick

The Eurasian brown bear has brown fur, which can shift from yellow-brownish to dark brown, red brown, and almost black in some cases; albinism has also been recorded. The fur is dense to varying degree and the hair can grow up to 10 cm in length.

The shape of the head is normally quite round with relatively small and round ears, a wide skull and a mouth equipped with 42 teeth, including predatory teeth.

It has a powerful bone structure, large paws, equipped with big claws, which can grow up to 10 cm in length.

The weight varies depending on habitat and time of the year. A full grown male weighs on average 265–355 kg (583-780 lb). The largest Eurasian brown bear recorded was 481 kg (1,058 lb) and was nearly 2.5 m (8.2 ft) long. Female 150–250 kg (330-550 lb) although weigh as little as 90 kg (200 lb) in the spring.

The bears east of Ural have to a larger extent brighter and more reddish colours. The Asian bears also seem to be more aggressive than the European bears.

Brown bears were present in Britain until around 500 A.D. when they were exterminated through hunting.

Eurasian brown bears were used in Ancient Rome for fighting in arenas. The strongest bears apparently came from Caledonia and Dalmatia.

In antiquity, the Eurasian brown bear was largely carnivorous, with 80% of its diet consisting of animal matter. However, as its habitat increasingly disappeared, meat consisted of only 40% of its dietary intake in the late Middle Ages, till modern times where meat now amounts to little more than 10-15% of its diet.

Unlike in America, where an average of two people a year are killed by bears, Scandinavia only has records of three fatal bear attacks in the last century.

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The 8th instalment of my quick and shitty sketch series from my Hollstein skater AU. “Hollstein and the Hammock” Aka: the one where Laura and Carmilla have a relaxation day when Laura isn’t off being a journalist and Carm doesn’t have any competitions lined up for a while. And let’s face it, we all know that Carmilla would be that one sick freak we always see wearing socks on the beach. I got really lazy with the background and side note: FUCK DRAWING FEET. (Especially when you do things in pen and can’t erase)

“Europe” Chicks
Surprise babies
©Laura Quick

So, while I was traveling in Europe, “Dude” my house sitter thought it was cool that one of the hens became broody and started sitting on a clutch of eggs. These 8 chicks, of unknown parentage, are the result. They are cute as can be and thriving, though I really didn’t need any more birds. Since I don’t know what breeds they are, I’m not certain that I can sex them as chicks and I’m already maxed out on roos. Side note: The gold chick on the far left has feathered feet and looks like a Buff Brahma - a plus as they are my favorite breed.