10 years ago today, grey’s anatomy captured us with their pilot, and it still captures us 10 years later through the drama.

10 years of fandom. 10 years of tears. 10 years of laughs.10 years of feels. 10 years of merder, alex, bailey, and webber. 10 years of “having a person”. 10 years of on call room sex. 10 years of good tv and there is more to come!


Tipsy Dragon Age Doobles

It’s that time of the week again. In about 7 hours, at 8PM EST, we’ll have another round of requests. 

Still dragon age nonsense, OC’s still allowed, provided you link me. : ) 

Hope to see you guys there!

(on a side note, thanks for the suggestions and love earlier. i haven’t had a chance to answer asks yet, but I sincerely appreciate everyone’s suggestions in the replies and through asks.)

How the Houses See Each Other


1. Hufflepuffs are sweet.

2. Ravenclaws are smart.

3. Slytherins are evil.


1. Gryffindors are brave.

2. Ravenclaws know everything.

3. Slytherins are evil.


1. Gryffindors are brash but helpful.

2. Hufflepuffs are too gentle and yet sacrificing.

3. Slytherins are evil.


1. Hufflepuffs need a backbone.

2. Ravenclaws need to keep their opinions to themselves.

3. Gryffindors are foolish and brash.

Anyone else see the theme here? This is how it is unfortunately.