one the first day of my study abroad program they did that “write a letter to yourself so you can read it at the end of this program and feel emotions and stuff!!!” bullshit which i personally think is bullshit so my letter was just “it’s been 3000 years” and i actually laughed for like 5 minutes because i’d forgotten that i wrote that so congrats to my program leaders for making me feel an emotion i guess

Once I interviewed a psychopath who was in prison. He was in his forties, charming, intelligent, sun tanned, lean, and all went well. As I was leaving, as we were shaking hands, eyes locked, he said to me, “its good I met you in here, Richard, because if I met you outside, I’d kill you in a minute,” and gave a friendly laugh.

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OK this is gonna sound really weird but my tiny pudgy baby hands have always been something I'm a little self conscious about, especially the way my knuckles become indents when I spread my fingers and my not one, but TWO hammer thumbs. (no one else in my family has even one how did his happen ???) but anyways I was convinced they could never look tough and badass but you proved me otherwise so thank you

Oh boy, I was so freaked out about my chubby little fingers.

Then someone told me a joke—and this may/not apply to you, but—

"What do you call a lesbian with fat fingers?"


Comparison to dudes aside, I laughed like a loon for a good five minutes.
And yeah, maybe my fingers are chubby, but they can still feed a fucker all his front teeth, so I’m okay with it!


I just spent a good 10 minutes watching this on repeat and laughing every time. 

look at this icon of konoha laughing, i headcanon that they’re the soft snickering kind of person unless something is really funny at which point they might tilt their head back and do something that verges on ugly laughter, just loud and unrestrained, maybe even some cackling completed with a little ‘that was so dumb’ sigh at the end. random huff of laughter two minutes later. good lord.