On July 6th, I had a photoshoot with Mark Laubenheimer. I am a little in love with his work, so please check him out! 

For some background on the polkadot dress: It belonged to my grandmother (now 94 years old), who generously passed it down to me. She purchased it at a small dress shop in San Antonio, TX near the Alamo in the early 1950s (definitely prior to 1953, but she cannot remember the exact year) — not all that long after she, her husband and their two eldest children returned from Japan.

The Girl with the Orbison Tattoo, 2014

photo and text by Mark Laubenheimer

I love Roy Orbison so much, and when I found out she had an Orbison tattoo I just about cried. Having been through some tough times lately (Roy’s music always makes things better) I was so taken that this person, this girl I hardly knew, a person who seemed so different than me, so completely different than me, could share the same love I have for Roy Orbison. I asked her if I could photograph her tattoo and she said yes. So I went to the stereo, put on the k.d. lang cover of Crying, and photographed her Orbison tattoo.

I will never judge a person by how they look. I will never judge a person by the way they dress, or the way they don’t dress. I will never judge a person by how old they are, how young they are, or the color of their skin. I will never judge a person by the color of their hair. I will never judge a person by how big they are, or how small they are. The list goes on and on. I will never ever judge a person by the number of tattoos they have…because they just might have their very own Roy Orbison tattoo.