carnovsky colorizes RGB trattoria with luminous installations

within the large, formerly industrial building part of the maison folie complex in mons, france, milan-based art and design duo carnovsky have created a site specific installation of wallpaper and colored lights.  conceived for the ‘ailleurs en folie milan’ event — curated by francesca sarti of arabeschi di latte —  carnovsky’s ‘RGB trattoria’ spreads over 3 levels of the site.

anonymous asked:

Tea being a little shit to everyone in the CCG but the members of Hirako's squad. In fact the only one who could get him to fully behave apart from Takemama is Takeomi. They get along surprisingly well and Tea asks Take #2(his honorary uncle?) tips about building his strength and taking down people with his bare hands so he could protect Latte, be it from human or ghouls.

Hahaha I can imagine this, especially when Tea is younger (8-13). Hirako’s squad respect Take so Tea sees them as like the ‘good uncles’ of the CCG. They all sort of help teach and train him and of course spoil him a little, but it doesn’t mean Tea isn’t going to be the naughty little boy and play pranks on them sometimes (must’ve learnt from Utapapa XD)

I was thinking of making Tea be one of those ‘superhuman’ humans like Takeomi but idk that’d make him kinda marysue 

On the other hand The Clowns are really fond of the little ghoul and little human as well. They make them toys and play games with them. Sometimes they joke that they’ll bake Tea into a bun and eat him up, but Tea just looks at them like “Ghouls can’t eat buns”

And of course Tea’ll protect Latte, but Latte’ll protect Tea too, after all brothers have to look out for each other ;) ;) ;)

143/365 -

Latte, the crocheting cat and actual brains behind Studio Miscast.

Latte is a Zuzu Delf Chu from LUTS
- Faceup: LUTS
- Eyes: Leekeworld
- Outfit: LUTS
- Necklace: LUTS

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Tea is the one who pierced Latte's ears

I like to think Tea *tried* to pierce Latte’s ears, but because you need quinque steel (probably) they probably tried to use the tail end of one of Latte’s bikaku tails and it wasn’t really successful

In the end Utapapa does it for Latte ;)