Le foto più o meno che faccio sono sempre quelle , perché mangio sempre più o meno le stesse cosa la mattina/pomeriggio 😂 scusate. Se avete qualcos’altro da propormi ditemi pure 😘. Comunque stamattina sto bevendo #latte con dentro il #miele 🍯 e i biscotti della #galbusera (#buonicosì)

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It seems tumblr killed that last drawing's quality, could you by any a chance add a link to the full version? I'd really like your full potential

 Here’s the link! I don’t know; it seems like Tumblr changed how the links go up… 

Try opening the image in a new tab and it should be full size! 


012915 | Stone Creek Coffee Factory (@5th st)

Where do I begin? Overlooking now, I feel I’ve completely stepped into a different level/world from my intended “cafe-hopping” just this past week - which is unfathomably exciting and at the same time almost intimidating (cause this is all so new to me). I keep putting myself in these ‘unknowns’ which take a lot from me, but I feel I’m finally adapting to becoming more volatile in such situations and opportunities. I am in my 20s anyways… so, why not?

Anyways! The same guy I met at the SCC yesterday invited me to check out this SCC’s latte art throwdown. It’s probably the most legitimate thing I’ve ever witnessed. It’s like the ‘open mics’ for baristas, except a little more competitive. Pretty much a large, good-looking group of baristas from local Milwaukee coffee shops gather to compete against each other to get the title of the ultimate barista, making quality latte art (in what, less than a minute?). I never knew there was such a thing until today.

Such a wonderful atmosphere there. I was also somewhat able to gather words and form some sort of a conversation with a few people - which is always exciting. Definitely returning again… and maybe I’ll give more effort finding a parking spot that won’t cost a fortune like I did earlier.