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The work bug and the energizer bunny; they are always the last ones left.

Jimin is sweating so much it’s soaked through his shirt to the point where it renders the white tank completely useless. But not irrelevant–oh no, it’s so relevant in the way that it sticks to his skin, melds to his muscles as he stretches and curves and bends and snaps to the music of the speakers.

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Flat white by Nuria Ocaña
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Good Morning Everyone…:)  It’s cool 64 and raining again. Sighing Oh Well I have accepted it will never stop…were doomed  and I need to start building a Ark. Heard more coming next week. I shouldn’t complain cause summers here are terribly HOT! sooooo… RAIN RAIN RAIN. I wish all of you a wonderful day. Hugs Lil :)

My Progress so Far. Part 6

So at the current moment where I am at.

Bible: John 6:1*

Book of Mormon: Words of Mormon 1:1

Other gospel aspects: D&C 127*

Church visits: 6

Weekly focus: Focusing on the history of the church, learning more about how, what and why the church was formed, some of the basics.

Outside reading: Starting point: a conversation about faith**

Other: Scheduled a meeting with the local missionaries, I am sooo anxious,      this is a gigantic step for me, so ughhhh, we shall see. Yikes, I’m actually extremely nervous. 

*note I am not reading the chapters of the books in order

**This is the book I agreed to read with my parents

My piece about 4 years of war and misery in Syria. 

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