6 games worth playing # 4. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates

"The holy presence of the Great Crystal is all that shields the planet from the ominous glow of the evil Crimson moon. Into this precarious world is born a special set of siblings, twins sharing powers fully realized only when combined. The promising fate of these innocents is soon in peril, as the moon’s alluring light threatens to steer it astray. Every fate is etched in detail within the Great Crystal...”

I think this “meme” is turning out to make me realize that i just love games that a lot of people don’t, know or haven’t played anymore in a long time. This game is just plain in sense of game-play, it is really easy to play but the story is amazing, you probably already have noticed that i am a lot more of a story-line person, and this game delivers that. It has a big influence by crystals and thus respecting the original Final Fantasy in some way but the story just has a tragic beginning and surprising end.