I’m not wearing anything festive (mass clothes!), but I figured the cup of caliente can be Christmas-y enough for us both. Feliz Noche Buena to everyone celebrating, and I hope all of your holiday seasons are full of as much fun and love as possible. <3 :) 

Ricordiamo il vecchio adagio: si vis pacem, para bellum: se vuoi il mantenimento della pace sii sempre disposto alla guerra. Sarebbe ora di modificare questo adagio e di dire: si vis vitam, para mortem: se vuoi sopportare la vita, impara ad accettare la morte.
—  Sigismund Freud.

Funny how people are kind of bitching about Honey’s lack of “latina-ness” when they forget Big Hero 6 is based off a Marvel Comic like—

Here’s Honey in the movies:


And here’s Honey in the comics:


Honey’s movie design was based off her comic counterpart!

Also as a Latina who has similar skin/natural hair to Honey, this is what some Latinos look like. Yeah, some Latinos are dark but it depends on what part of Latin America you live in. Some are actually considered “white/tan” but you’re blatantly putting on a stereotype that “ALL LATINOS MUST HAVE BROWN SKIN” and that is considered racist! Congrats for contradicting yourself tumblr SJW like always! 

So shut the fuck up and enjoy the goddamn movie.