Invisibility is generally thought of as magical, unobtainable, something out of Harry Potter or a superhero comic. But optics, the physics of light, is very much science. How can you manipulate light so that you are completely invisible?

We see an object when light hits or goes through it and comes back to our eyes. Therefore, then, there are two things we can see: reflection, the bouncing of light, and refraction, the bending of light. Because of this, we can see glass and water even though they are transparent. 

Latias, then, bends the light around its body to appear invisible. When light refracts, the angle that it bends is proportional to the index of refraction (n) of the material. Snell’s Law says:

Don’t get too discouraged by the math: it just means that the larger the index of refraction is, the more light will be bent when it enters the medium. For example, air has an index of refraction close to 1, and diamond is 2.4.

This also means that if two mediums have the same index of refraction, then light won’t bend at all when it passes through it. For example, this glass rod has the same index of refraction as the oil, which makes it disappear:

That’s invisibility, but not the kind we’re looking for. If Latias’ feather had the same index of refraction as the air that it flies through, then yes, its feathers would be invisible. But you could see straight through to her skin, organs, lungs, heart, eyes, etc. We aren’t looking for a way to make light go through Latias, we want the light to go completely around her.

Until recently, this was largely thought impossible. To bend light completely around a visible object like an invisibility cloak, you would need a negative index of refraction. By definition a substance’s index of refraction is calculated with a square root, and we can’t take a square root of a negative number. There was no substance on Earth that met these requirements.

Until, in 1964, Victor Vesalago mathematically proved that a negative index was not impossible. You simply need to take a “left hand rule” approach instead of the standard “right hand rule” for electromagnetics. And much more recently, in 2000, we’ve successfully engineered materials with negative indices of refraction. 

The catch is, light is made up of a spectrum of different wavelengths. The “invisibility” material that we have only cloaks the object from microwaves, not visible light. Research is still being done, as you can imagine, true invisibility would be a revolutionizing breakthrough.

Latias’ feathers have a negative index of refraction, bending visible light completely around her body and making her invisible.

Because she’s not invisible all the time, Latias must have several layers of feathers; the red and white for normal, and the invisibility ones for stealth.

Pokemon Eon Ticket Help

This is out of place (????)
But recently my friend got an Eon ticket on streetpass (lucky bum)

And we are trying to figure out a way so he can transfer me the ticket.

Have a few questions because streetpass confuses me

Can he still give it to me via street pass even if we have each other’s friend codes? because online it just says “pass by random people”

How does street pass work? Do we just leave our 3DS’s near each other on sleep and check it later?

Someone please just explain how street pass works because I am so confused with the feeds and websites explaining.

Tomorrow I’m just planning to walk around with my 3DS on sleep at school.

I’m also just leaving it on sleep tonight.

Help 😭


Latios here!

Since at least one or two people asked for it and I decided after all that I wanted to complete the duo, here’s some Latias variations!

  • Standard Latias are just regular Latias. They are the most common variety, being able to live in many different environments.
  • Alpine Latias are northern Latias which have traded their ability to swim for feathers that are not waterproof, but are warmer and enable them to survive in colder climates.
  • Cardinal Latias are nomadic Latias with cardinal-like colors and markings. They use their flashy coats to attract Jay Latios mates, but they are picky, and only the flashiest, prettiest mate will do.
  • Fire Opal Latias are a variety that was bred as a status symbol for royalty long ago. They’re known for their beautiful, opalescent feathers.
  • Illuminated Latias get their name from their intricate, swirled markings, which have been compared to illuminated manuscripts. No two have the same pattern!
  • Albino Latias have light, cream-colored feathers as a result of albinism. While they vaguely resemble shiny Latias, they can be differentiated by their eyes being light-lavender as opposed to green.
  • Longhair Latias are a result of selectively breeding Alpines for qualities such as their soft feathers. These Latias are sweet and motherly, and are an ideal companion for kids. Though because of their feathers, fast flight is difficult.
  • Sea Latias are Latias which have adapted to live solely at sea. As such, they have developed traits such as sleeker bodies, more sharkskin-like feathers, and more fin-like feet, ears and wings.

I got this one done exponentially faster than the other one which surprised me. Well, enjoy the duo of Lati breeds and variations.


I’m a sucker for long Little Prince-ish philosophical debates; and this one’s a matter close to my heart this time, so I didn’t really make this a joke. 

I’ve seen so many people at that point in their life when doing anything, even going out, becomes too tedious. You’re just… tired, and lethargic. The world feels sluggish, and you’re stuck feeling like you’re going nowhere.

It’s happened to me, and I want you to know… You’re not alone. And you’ll get to somewhere soon. I truly, truly believe that. 

…Also my Latias is called Celine d’EON. Hehehehh…

Another Chance to Get Your Ticket!

The Eon Ticket has been spreading across the globe via StreetPass from onePokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire player to the next. With the Eon Ticket, players have been able to return to Southern Island for the chance to catch either Latias or Latios in their game (whichever Pokémon they weren’t able to get during their original adventure).

If you haven’t had the good fortune to receive the Eon Ticket from another Trainer, now there’s another way. Between Friday, February 27, and Monday, March 2, 2015, check back at to get a code that you’ll enter in your game to receive the Eon Ticket.

Note: if you already received the Eon Ticket for your Pokémon Omega Ruby orPokémon Alpha Sapphire game, you won’t be able to receive it again.

Get more information on the Eon Ticket and the Pokémon Omega Ruby orPokémon Alpha Sapphire games at the official site!