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hello! ( ; w;)/ i'm the person who drew those homestucks based on your reaction faces. i just wanted you to know that i had you linked in my original post, but people began to remove my comments when they reblogged, so your credit was kind of removed.. but thanks so much for not getting upset or anything! and thank you also for letting me use them even though i kind of failed to ask beforehand (sorry about that uwu)♥♥

WHUT (I seem to be saying that a lot today)

BUT HI HELLO yes I remember your username and remember thinking it was cute XD

ouo I don’t really mind the credit being removed I mean all I did was type letters and emotes into photoshop, nothing special. >wo The real credit should go to the maker of the original ‘please set yourself on fire’ one but sadly I have no idea who that is. ;3;

And I don’t mind the not asking, it was a nice surprise to wake up to this morning!! *u*)/ ♥

Homestuck fanart is so quality my goodness


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it’s an odd ship but i have a thing for rarepairs i guess!! but really i ship everyone/everyone so gif whatever you want i will still like it u///u

I’m really thinking Dave/Terezi. Because, well, I really like that pairing. It’s one of my very favorites.
But I want to do one with Karkat, too :I
And omfg. Sollux. He is my favorite I LIKE THEM ALL OKAY. 


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oh she knew i was drawin smut so it was no big HAHAHA. hey are you going to.. post your smut here….. for us all to see…… *_*

Lollll, my dad looks at my non smut stuff and is like HEY Y R U DRAWIN PRON and I got really embarassed. :U
And I’m pretty sure that my idea of smut and other’s idea of smut are completely different XD
I’m so shy and fjdksalfjdsakl.
Tongues are smut. loooooool aaaah.
But I kinda…well no that’s not smut.