gravelore asked:

I did what your instructions said to create the mini music player. I was wondering through the code, how can I enable autoplay and lower the volume? I enabled autoplay when I was customizing it but it keeps playing the same song every time. I know how to do this stuff with the bar widget but it makes things run slower.

uhhhhhhh i have no idea really. if its coding you have questions about
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3 month's with Jacob! And other stuff.

So I finally stopped following my ex’s tumblr. I have someone who understands me better now. I can actually tell him things and feel comfortable when I do. c:

But yeah I was really stupid earlier and long story short I thought I lost something when I didn’t, Jacob just ended up with it. But before I knew that I went every where looking for it. ._.

"Some people, you know might think I’m a rabbit. Because I’m running around, and they think that I’m not organized. But I said, Wait till the end of life, and you’ll see if I’m a rabbit or a turtle."

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