no but “superhero lawyer/lawyer for superheroes” has always been on my dream job list up there with “space lawyer” and “knight of Gondor.”

basically Matt Murdock has stolen my life and I am not going to take this sitting down.

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How would Akashi react if his s/o was having a mental breakdown because they'd been under a lot of stress lately with family and school matters and hadn't been eating because of it? (Sorry if it doesn't make much sense)

It makes perfect sense, dear!

Akashi: firstly, he’d take them gently into his arms, immediately nudging their head in the crook of his neck. He’d just hug them like that for a while, letting them cry out all their frustation before he takes them into his arms and takes them to the bed, away for all the work that’s on their desk. Still hugging them, he’d run his fingers through their hair, sometimes murmuring loving and encouraging words into their ear. They’d probably cry themselves to sleep in his arms, and he’d let them sleep as much as they wanted to. When they wake up, he’d softly caress their face, pressing loving kisses all over their face. He’d absolutely refuse to let them go back to work on that day, making sure they ate something they liked and encouraging them to spend the rest of the day cuddling on the couch with him. The next day, he’d help them with whatever he could, often reminding them to take breaks and do one thing at a time.

Hi I am Jessie/Jess and I am Dan and Phil Trash.I was once late for school because I was watching Dan and Phil.My blog is mostly pixelberry games or youtube or random geeky stuff.I am from UK and live in/near London.My pronouns are she/her and I love to meet you,feel free to send an ask.Phandom member since February 2015. xD

I am 39% hated by my school.

Out of your whole time in your school Have you?

[ ]Gotten written up. 
[ ]Gotten detention.
[ ] Gotten suspension.
[ ] Got in a fight.
[x] Chewed gum during class.

[x] Been late to a class more than 10 times.
[ ] Didn’t do homework 10 times or more. 
[ ] Returned at least 5 projects in late in one school year
[x] Missed school cause you felt like it.
[x] skipped class at least once.

[x] Got your mom/dad etc. to get you out of going to school.
[x] Texted people during class.
[x] Passed notes. 
[x] Threw stuff across the room. 
[x]Laughed at the teacher 

[ ] Pulled down the fire alarm. 
[ ]Went on friendster ; xanga ; etc on the computer or on a teachers computer 
[ ]Took pictures during class.
[ ]Called someone during class.
[x] Listened to an ipod//cd player//mp3 during class.

[ ]Threw something at the teacher.
[x] Went outside the classrooms without permission.
[x] Broke the dress code.
[x] Failed a test
[x] Ate food during class.

[ ] Gotten a call home from a teacher/good or bad
[ ]Couldn’t go to a field trip/ceremony cause you behaved badly
[ ] Didn’t take stuff to school
[ ]Used passes from other days/ Or made fake pass 
[ ]Said a curse word during class loud, so the teacher could hear

Complete Total: 13

Add up your score and multiply it by 3, then repost your answer with your percentage and then retitle this I am __%Hated By *Your School

I’ve been feeling really overwhelmed with school lately. The end of the semester always makes me feel like I’m suffocating under the weight of an endless “To-Do” list. 

I’ve started comparing it to a long-distance run, though. The last mile makes you feel like your legs are falling off and your lungs are collapsing in on themselves. Giving up seems justifiable, but you’re just so close to the end… And then you just stop thinking about it, and you keep running, and you’re done, and you (probably) don’t vomit on your shoes, and you treat yourself to pancakes and coffee afterwards. And it’s totally satisfying and entirely worth it. 

So that’s what I’m thinking of right now. I’ve got one week left of papers and projects and exams, and it’s going to be Hell, but I’m going to finish it out.

And then I’m definitely treating myself to pancakes and coffee. 


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