First, I would like to add yay more Peridot ^.^

Second, I don’t know if it was just me but for some reason the art style of this one seemed a little different(?).

Third:, Peridot said they was going to report this. I wonder if this might play a role in next weeks marathon.

Lasty, so the star didn’t fade in this time. I know I might have not paid enough attention to the other episodes but has the star ever did what it did at the end on this episode?

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On Isis and teeth: If she grew up as part of the late 18th century upper class, she's likely to have very bad teeth, given that was a period was when sugar was an imported luxury, and dentistry basically hadn't been invented yet (there are a few nasty Regency satirical prints of people getting teeth extracted with pliers, if you want to go looking). So, the higher class she was, the chances are that her teeth were bad, although the River-partner deal may have sorted that one out. (1/2)

I totally agree, Anon - Isis doesn’t appear to have been a real person but it seems as if she’s partially based on one of the historical mistresses of John Montagu, Martha Ray, an opera singer who had several children with him…and probably not coincidentally was murdered in the Royal Opera House. But as an actress and the lover of an aristocrat, she probably had plenty of opportunity to eat sugar…and her teeth were probably appalling. (Probably a lot worse than Oxley’s, since he was a medieval monk - much less sugar in the diet back then!) 

I think we’re even less likely to hear about the state of her teeth than we are about Nightingale’s, though - assuming that magic hasn’t just fixed them!

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Story time. I walked in late to psych class the other day and my teacher starts talking to me about my straight brother. He says there are some interesting pictures of him on Facebook looking at one of his friends like he loves him. I said yeah when my mom saw them she said "great now I've got two" and the whole class gaped

Why is it your teachers business if your brothers gay or not!?
But that’s really funny😂


Damson Olive strode up to his classroom nonchalantly and took a seat in the back. He was late for class again for the third time that week and didn’t want the teacher to notice his late arrival. Luckily for him the teacher had his back turned when he entered the melancholy classroom of students. He hated Art History class more than anything and didn’t understand why it was needed for him in the first place. It wasn’t as if he was going to become a painter or a sculptor. That type of art wasn’t his thing nor did he want it to be his thing. What he wanted was to become a famous rock star and tour the world. What did Art History have anything to do with it?

As soon as class ended, he quickly exited the old stone building and swiftly passed by a group of students who were standing in front of the student bulletin board. “Excuse me,” he announced as he gently, but irritably brushed by some students who were in the way. When he made it to the board, he was amazed by how many part-time jobs were available on campus. They didn’t pay much and never lasted long, but it was a great way to make a little bit of cash during his time there, and the fact that he could do many different types of jobs was appealing to Damson, too.

It didn’t take long before he found something interesting he could do. There was an orange piece of paper on the board that read:


Damson was excited that the pay was descent and would be enough to help supply food for the dormitory, plus entertainment purposes, but he was a little leery of what exactly he had to do. Either way, he was headed over there right now before his next class began.