Imagine for Eli💕

peytonlistige I would love to do one for you! Thanks a million for requesting! {she requested one where she met shawn at high school/college so I’m gonna do college!}{oh and I’m sorry if it’s not that realistic, I’m gonna try😂}
You were running late to your pre-med class in your first year of college. You wanted to start sprinting down the streets of New York, but you decided against it, because you would rather be late than get run over by a car. You groaned as you held the God-forsaken coffee that is costing you to be at LEAST 15 minutes late to only your fifth class of the semester.
“God job Eli” you mutter to yourself. You keep walking down the road until you run into someone and your coffee spills pretty much all over you. The girl quickly apologizes and keeps running away.
So you were officially having an awful day and it wasn’t even eleven. You threw your cup in the garbage and kept walking with a large coffee stain on your shirt. you keep slowly walking until you get to the building in which you take your medical classes. You slowly started walking into the building, a couple years on your face. A boy in walking by, someone you might have seen before in the music department stops and looks at you.
“Hey, you okay?” He frowns. He must have seen the coffee stained clothes and the messy hair and the tears. You nodded.
“Yah, just a bad day…” You sighed and tried to keep walking.
“Are you sure? You can come with me and I can give you a t-shirt? I live on campus.” He was super hot. He has dark hair that any girl would kill to run her hands through and a body that was to die for. You quickly stopped staring and shook your head.
“No, it’s fine. I should go.” You tried your level best to hold your tears back but they just sorta came. You weren’t exactly sure why you were crying, it must have been stress.
“N-no don’t cry” he quickly moved closer to you and grabbed your shoulders. “Maybe you should just skip class.” You cut him off quickly
“No, no I can’t do that. I need to go.” He pulled down his big hands from your shoulder. He was taller than you, a lot taller. At least four inches.
“Well, I’m shawn. It was nice to meet you” he smiles.
“I’m Eli.” You smile wiping your tears.
“I’ll um… Try to see you around.” His face turned bright red and he starts walking away.
Maybe today wasn’t the worst day.
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Penny on a Bench (OPEN RP)

"Argh!!" Penny scrambled across the beacon grounds, at first appearing to be late for class, but classes were done, and it would be unusual for the android to be in such a hurry without so much as a wave or hello to passersby. She finally plodded to a bench in a quiet part of the campus by a line of trees and plopped, giving a huff of exasperation. She looked greatly distressed.


Because I could not stop for Death – 
He kindly stopped for me –
The Carriage held but just Ourselves –
And Immortality.
                  – Emily Dickinson

You may not be able to move Swan,
               But you cut quite the figure in that d r e s s.

They’ve kept the truth
about Persephone a secret,
burying it deep below
Hercules’s murdered wife
and all of Zeus’s affairs.
It’s dangerous, you see,
a spark threatening to
ignite a long dead flame.


She loved her power,
the Queen of the Dead,
to forever reign
in the fires of hell.
She wore her crown
like a beacon;
a beautiful queen,
plotting against her king.
They never wanted you
to know the hunger of Persephone,
how she starved for something
other than pomegranates.


The primal thirst
that burns all women’s throats,
denied by eons of men.
Listen closely to the voice from hell, sweetheart.
“You are a queen;
don’t wait for a king.”

—  Emily Palermo, Persephone