late night blogging

just chill

it’s one of those “stay in bed go on tumblr and listen to music” kind of mix (っ◕‿◕)っ


  • pressure the 1975
  • sweater weather the neighbourhood
  • i see fire ed sheeran
  • wdywfm the neighbourhood
  • so far (it’s alright)
  • human daughter
  • wait m83
  • stars the xx
  • why’d you only call me when you’re high? arctic monkeys
  • florescent adolescent (acoustic) arctic monkeys
  • the xx try
  • i think ur a contra vampire weekend
  • this is the life two door cinema club
  • you can blame it on anybody phoenix
  • something good can work two door cinema club 
  • this is gospel (piano) panic! at the disco
listen here.
  • Art Teacher:Okay so what is your goal in art?
  • Person 1:To unleash my imagination
  • Person 2:To draw pretty things
  • Person 3:Art is my life
  • Person 4:It's my passion
  • Me:.......
  • Art Teacher:and what about you?
  • Me:.......
  • Art Teacher:.....
  • Me:I wanna draw my OTP Fucking like rabbits on the field naked and rubbing there bodies in 69 position till the sunrise (◕‿◕✿)
  • Art Teacher:........
  • Me:.........
  • Art Teacher:......
  • Me:and study Human Anatomy (◡‿◡✿)

I’ve always felt very lonely
I know I have family and friends that love me. It’s not that I lack a support system. I know very well that I have people who love me. I’m not alone, I’m just lonely.
I’ve always been lonely in the romantic sense. I’ve always wanted to experience the kind of happiness that comes with a good relationship and I’ve always had a fear of being alone and never being loved because I never have been loved or had my love returned.
I’m not alone but I am lonely.

Hey, you know that moment when you are super lonely for a certain person but it’s ok if you can’t talk to them right now because time difference and technology and knowing they might be taking care of themselves. 

Please don’t take this as passive aggressive. This is just a call out to anyone who has wanted to talk to a beloved someone and the timing just wasn’t right. But even though you were lonely and could really use the joy from their face it was ok, because you could trust that face would be there one day; be it tomorrow, or this week, or a month from now. Sometimes you need them, and they need space. And sometimes they need you, and you are asleep. But when it really matters, you’re both there, and all the want and anxiety melts away. 

Yea friend. I know I have that with you. See you in the next sphere. 

 I love you.