Post a Last Stop!

Hi friends. I’ve recently started this micro-blog at I want folks to share photos or writing about spiritual, emotional, and geographical “last stops” that they’ve been through, anywhere in the world or life. Laststopping is a philosophy that has surrounded me from Moscow to now, and I want to show the world what it means in a big way. Have you been to the end of the world, the end of an idea, the end of a prayer, or the end of a feeling? If so, please share your experience at - submit a picture, video, or text post that I can send out into the world. The last stop is where life truly begins! Happy holidays, and thanks!

This is a humorous Last Stop. It’s my dad, pretending to have fallen into a hole in the ruins of an old castle in Ireland in the summer of 2005. He sneaked off during the tour and arranged his body in this way so that when we all peered from the high wall into the old turret, we’d think he’d fallen in. Thankfully, my dad is alive and well, as is his sense of humor. I’m thankful he has many more years to prank his family.