Final Requests

If anyone wears black, I will haunt them.

If anyone wants to say something, no crying. Tell a story about a time I made you laugh, if I ever had the privilege. That should get you through it.

If my father shows up, someone escort him out. Be sufe to thank him for me, though.

His absence shaped the way I decided to lead my life as an adult and how to parent my children. But he doesn’t get to say goodbye just because of a sudden onset of guilt.

Chuck Taylors. Jeans. One of my favorite shirts. It’s just a shell. But don’t make me look like a stranger.

It doesn’t matter, though, because no open casket. Please.

I have a few loved ones that passed who I can’t recall without the awful memory of how they looked in that casket.

Someone help my family keep it together.

She was a bad ass single mom, but it’s tough. Sometimes too tough.

Remind Alex how how I fell in love with him first. My sweet boy. He’s limited by nothing and no one better change that. Tell him to maintain the kind of relationship with his sister to where he is her only choice to walk her down the aisle.


Please remind her to always make time for silliness. Show her pictures. Keep the memories fresh. I don’t want her to forget me.

If my book isn’t finished, please get it to my friend, Matt Groff to finish. I trust him to get whatever mish mash of a tone I had going.

Lastly, give a coin to Ryan Briggs, my dear buddy. Have him assign heads or tails to what will go on my tombstone, either the lyrics “Someone Save Temptation” from Iron And Wine’s ‘The Trapeze Swinger.’ Or:

“Died Tragically Rescuing His Family From The Remains Of A Destroyed Sinking Battleship”