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Who throws things in a fight? Connor, definitely. The guy has a bad temper. 
Who goes to their parent’s house for a weekend when things get bad? Jude!
Who wants to have children? Who doesn’t? If both do, how do their goals differentiate? I think it’d be safe to say that they both want children. 
Who is more adverse to physical contact? Connor, for sure.
Who hates/dislikes their neighbors the most? Connor.
Who hates/dislikes their significant other’s family? I think Jude would dislike Connor’s family. Connor is very familiar with the Fosters and enjoys their company. 
Who is most likely to leave when things get rough? Connor.
Who thinks their partner turned out a different person than they thought? I’m not quite sure about this one. I want to say Connor because I feel like he’d find out a little more about Jude’s past that he didn’t know. 
Who is more likely to cheat? Connor. 
Who is the more experienced (sexually or otherwise)? Considering the fact that I think they were each other’s first time, they’re probably equal. 
Who hates/dislikes their significant other’s friends? Connor definitely dislikes Jude’s choice of friends, but the feeling is probably mutual from Jude.
Who wants to go to social gatherings the most? Mostly, Jude.
Who is most likely to be dishonest? Connor, sadly.
Who is more emotionally closed off? How does this affect their partner? This is a question that stumped me. Let me explain: Jude opens up to Connor and Connor becomes protective of him. At first, Jude was a little distant. But all this time he spent comforting Jude, Connor had his own demons to fight. So I’d say that there is no one guy who’s more emotionally closed off than the other, they were just emotionally distant at different times.
Who is the dessert person? Jude!
Who is more conservative? Jude.
Who hates/dislikes oral sex? Connor doesn’t hate oral sex he just doesn’t like penis in his mouth. It isn’t a homophobic thing it’s just personal preference. It doesn’t mean he won’t perform oral it just means he’s less likely to. Besides, there are other ways of pleasing Jude that he’s found.


AU Wishlist-

“Dad went on a hunting trip and he hasn’t been home for a few days…”
“You let him go by himself?!”

Stilincest Supernatural AU: The Stilinski Brothers were born and raised hunters. After there mother was murdered when they were only seven, their family had been broken. Julian was daddy’s little soldier and Stiles wanted nothing to do with hunting. But when their dad goes missing, the twins set out almost instantly. But they never knew this was what they were getting themselves into…How far will these young hunters get before they’ve had enough with each other? 

Giancarlo Botti      Jacques Prévert, Paris      c.1963

An orange on the table
Your dress on the rug
And you in my bed
Sweet gift of the present
Freshness of the night
Warmth of my life

(Une orange sur la table
Ta robe sur le tapis
Et toi dans mon lit.
Doux présent du présent
Fraîcheur de la nuit
Chaleur de ma vie.)

–Jacques Prévert, “Alicante” 1945

translated from the French by Lawrence Ferlinghetti


                                           truth is,  i made this blog on the path, thinking that i’d last
                                           a month with him, and then make a new muse and simply
                                           deactivate   this  one,   ━━thing is,  i  can’t  see  myself
                                           wanting  to  write   any  one  else  other  than john darling.
                                           so let me take  a moment to do something   for you  guys,
                                           whether you  are old  or new folowers,     i appreciate and  
                                           adore   every  single   one  of  you.


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