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                           rushed heels hammer against the empty hallways, pressing against cold floors as the girl runs, her heart hammering in sync with her steps. in a quick movement, her head turns backwards, scared wide hues scanning the space behind her for her enemies, relief flooding her as she realizes they are nowhere to be seen. and perhaps it is because she is running for her life. or perhaps it is because she is just far too careless. but the truth is, as she turns around, she sees a dark silhouette blocking her way. a silhouette that belongs to a man in every way stronger than her. her blood freezes and her steps cease, uncertainty clear in her eyes. she has no idea if this man is friend or foe and she had no intention of asking. speaking right now would only reveal how weak she truly is. so instead, she stands there, balancing body ready to flee as she awaits the other’s first move.

you mean to tell me i waited all week for this bull shit

inabadromance replied to your postI’ve just finished watching last episode of OUAT….

Omg. It was spectacular. I want the new season now!!!!

I WANT IT ALSO SO BADLY. My ultra crush on Killian just get horribly bigger because of this episode. IT IS HUGE JUST LIKE HOLE IN MY HEART SEEING HIM SAD DESTROYS MY HEART.

So I just found out about Supergirl