Who else was in that original production that people might recognize?
  • Julia Albain:There was this one guy in the show, that I think a few people know, his name was Darren Criss and he played Judas. I don't think he's coming back for this one, but you never know. Maybe.
  • ...
  • Julia Albain:You know, Darren is pretty nostalgic. So it's like, that might be where we can really poke him and get him.
  • Joey Richter:Darren loves memories and friends.
  • Julia Albain:He loves memories so much! He hoards memories.
  • Joey Richter:And if we can tell Darren, "Darren, we'll get food together every night when you're there," he will just lose it! Darren loves getting food...
  • Julia Albain:Yeah, Darren is a memory hoarder, he's a memory hoarder. Which is a good thing.
So, I went to "The Last Days of Judas Iscariot" on Sunday, and I just wanted to share the pictures with everyone!

Please ignore my ugly self.

It was an absolutely incredible show. Everyone did such an amazing job and I was completely blown away. Wish it was still going so I could see it again! Anyway, kudos to everyone involved! Thanks for putting so much work into the play. It definitely showed!