Futura Type Video.

Thought this would be the perfect time to blog this… as we start to create our own letters for a off-topic university project. Love the geometrics of Futura.


Designer in Focus:

Stephen McCarthy


A graphic designer from Dublin, who currently is working in London. His design website entitled ‘L27 - Loft 27 Design’.  He focuses primarily on pictograms as seen above. My favourite of his, is his work on 'The Sun’ newspaper.

#latergram from our “Petrushka” performance this past weekend in London. There’s trombonist David Finlayson; up top are bassoonists Roger Nye, Kim Laskowski, and contrabassoonist Arlen Fast; and below are hornists Howard Wall and Leelanee Sterrett. Tonight, while we aren’t donning our hats and fake beards for “Petrushka,” we’ll still be in the spirit and ready for some serious fun! #seriousfun #musicians #fhorn #trombone #bassoon #contrabassoon #petrushka #europespring2015

Second 'Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East' Gets English Dubbed Streaming On The Anime Network

Second ‘Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East’ Gets English Dubbed Streaming On The Anime Network

Hakkenden As the second season of Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East got released on bilingual DVD and Blu-ray last October, Sentai Filmworks is now having that season stream in its English language dub form on The Anime Network. That has it joining the streaming of the series in its original …

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Sentai Filmworks have released their full English dub cast list for SoniAni. The anime will be released May 26, 2015 on DVD and Blu-Ray, and available now through streaming and download. For more information visit the Sentai Filmworks website. The cast is as follows:


Super Sonico - Jessica Nigri

Suzu Fujimi -  Luci Christian

Fuuri Watanuki - Monica Rial

Mr. Kitamura - David Wald

Grandma - Joanne Bonasso

Yasu - Jay Hickman

Kuni - Mark X. Laskowski

Tomi - John Swasey

Ouka - Kira Vincent-Davis

Sayaka - Maggie Flecknoe

Ena - Hillary Haag


John Gremillion, Allison Sumrall, Blake Shepard, Juliet Simmons, Margaret McDonald, Beth Lazarou, Molly Searcy, Meaghan Avocato, Scott Gibbs

Full English Dub Cast for Super Sonico Announced

Sentai Filmworks has announced the full English dub cast for the Super Sonico anime:

  • Jessica Nigri is Super Sonico
  • Luci Christian is Suzu Fujimi
  • Monica Rial is Fuuri Watanuki
  • David Wald is Mr. Kitamura
  • Joanne Bonasso is Grandma
  • Jay Hickman is Yasu
  • Mark X. Laskowski is Kuni
  • John Swasey is Tomi
  • Kira Vincent-Davis is Ouka
  • Maggie Flecknoe is Sayaka
  • Hillary Haag is Ena

Additional voices:

  • John…

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Devil Survivor 2 Complete Collection Blu-ray Anime Review

Devil Survivor 2 Complete Collection Blu-ray Anime Review

The fate of existence is at stake – with an app! What They Say: When the world is under attack by a monstrous and seemingly unstoppable enemy, the only way to fight back is with warriors who have already died! Sidestepping a gruesome fate in a subway crash during an earthquake, two young…

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Full Super Sonico English Dub Cast Announced

Anime Herald
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Sentai Filmworks has been slowly revealing the dub cast for Soni-Ani: Super Sonico The Animation since January. The company began with a splashy announcement that Jessica Nigri will play titular Super Sonico. In the weeks that followed, video reveals were posted the the company’s YouTube channel that confirmed Luci Christian, David Wald, and Monica Rial to be attached to the series.

Earlier today, Sentai Filmworks announced the full English dub cast for Soni-Ani: Super Sonico The Animation. The full list is as follows:

  • Super Sonico: Jessica Nigri
  • Suzu Fujimi: Luci Christian
  • Fuuri Watanuki: Monica Rial
  • Mr. Kitamura: David Wald
  • Grandma: Joanne Bonasso
  • Yasu: Jay Hickman
  • Kuni: Mark X. Laskowski
  • Tomi: John Swasey
  • Ouka: Kira Vincent-Davis
  • Sayaka: Maggie Flecknoe
  • Ena: Hillary Haag

The following will also lend their talents as additional voices:

  • John Gremillion
  • Allison Sumrall
  • Blake Shepard
  • Juliet Simmons
  • Margaret McDonald
  • Beth Lazarou
  • Molly Searcy
  • Meaghan Avocato
  • Scott Gibbs

Kyle Jones will serve as the dub’s director.

Soni-Ani: Super Sonico The Animation will hit DVD and Blu-Ray on May 26. Sentai describes the series as:

Saying Sonico is an incredibly busy young woman is an understatement. She juggles a modeling career, part-time work at her grandmother’s bar, and performs lead vocals and guitar in an all-girl band all while attending college! Not to mention taking care of her five cats – or is that the other way around? When her workload gets a little too heavy, she can count on her fellow musicians Suzu and Furi and the rest of her friends for a stabilizing influence. Get ready for the bounciest adventure ever as this three girl band shakes, rattles, rolls and takes Tokyo by storm!

Those who want to check out the previous cast announcement videos can check them out below:

Super Sonico – Jessica Nigri



Suzu Fujimi – Luci Christian

Mr. Kitamura – David Wald

Fuuri Watanuki – Monica Rial

Source: Sentai Filmworks

Full Super Sonico English Dub Cast Announced
Mike Ferreira

from Full Super Sonico English Dub Cast Announced

[ Authors ]
Wieslaw Laskowski, Marcin Markiewicz, Danny Rosseau, Tim Byrnes, Kamil Kostrzewa, Adrian Kolodziejski
[ Abstract ]
We describe a criterion for the detection of entanglement between two multi-boson systems. The criterion is based on calculating correlations of Gell-Mann matrices with a fixed boson number on each subsystem. This applies naturally to systems such as two entangled spinor Bose-Einstein condensates. We apply our criterion to several experimentally motivated examples, such as an $ S^z S^z $ entangled BECs, ac Stark shift induced two-mode squeezed BECs, and photons under parametric down conversion. We find that entanglement can be detected for all parameter regions for the most general criterion. Alternative criteria based on a similar formalism are also discussed together with their merits.

Full 'Super Sonico' Anime Dub Cast Revealed

Full ‘Super Sonico’ Anime Dub Cast Revealed

After teasing out some casting pieces over the last few weeks with a few in the booth moments, Sentai Filmworks has now announced the full English language cast for their release of Super Sonico. The show is having its English language adaptation directed by Kyle Jones. Sentai recently announced …

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A group of Grade six students toured the former Muskowekwan Residential School; an 85-year-old brick building that still stands in the First Nation.  The tour’s goal is to ensure that mistakes of our province’s past will not happen again. Meeting Ground’s Kelly Malone joined the students on the tour.

In communities across the country thousands hit the streets in honour of Cindy Gladue, an aboriginal woman found dead in an Edmonton motel. After her alleged murderer was acquitted, people are asking where is justice for indigenous women.

With the help of Meeting Ground’s Chelsea Laskowski, we head to Prince Albert to take in the Carlton Graduation Powwow.

Meeting Ground’s Nigel Maxwell talks with the candidates running for chief of the Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation ahead of the polls on April 14th

I shot on stage at an amazing show with The Satellite Theory, at Pops Night Club and Concert Venue in East St Louis. These guys blew my mind, and I was heartbroken to realize after that my CF card was corrupted. Sadly this is the only shot that survived.

Satellite Theory is:
Scriptures - Fed Fester
Sirens - George McClintock
Echoes - Vincent Laskowski
Morse - Dylan Parker *Warwick Endorser*
Marches - Wesley Hastings
Manager: Michael Ellis (314) 496-9338
Genre: Atmospheric Jam Metal
Hometown: St. Louis, MO