My class: “Creating Illustrations with Dimension” IS READY!

Hey everyone!

I listened to some of your input, and my SkillShare class “Creating Illustrations with Dimension” is posted and ready for early enrollments! I’m still working on the classes video content right now, and it’s slated for a mid-January release.

This class is going to be more than just a regular tutorial on perspective. Aside from going over everything you’d need to know about perspective, It’s also going to have quite a few recorded demonstrations of drawing scenes and commentary about best practices and considerations in different situations. I’m making the videos as high quality as I can, complete even with well designed animated explanations! I’ve also grown quite a bit as an artist over the last 5 years since I wrote that brief tutorial in my DA gallery. There’s a lot I couldn’t include to begin with due to size limitations, and I have so much more to say now! These video lessons will be a fantastic way for me to share as much knowledge as I can on the subject.

Get to the class by clicking on the cover image above or by clicking here:

EXCLUSIVE TO MY FOLLOWERS: Until the class goes live, you can enroll for $5 off if you use the coupon code: 3DMY2D when you enroll! Have at it! [Share this around, there’s 1000 coupons available and the offer expires 1/17/2014!]

For those who aren’t acquainted with SkillShare, you can think of it as a bit like other skill-building sites like Lynda or DigitalTutors except you buy individual classes instead of paying an ongoing subscription fee. It’s also unique in that the students of the class are assigned a project to work on and complete and submit it to the class for teacher (me) and peer review / commentary / critique! The more people who enroll in the class, the more robust the classroom will be. (However unlike what SkillShare writes in its FAQ about teachers not needing to participate, I will provide whatever helpful commentary I can to those who enroll and submit their project.) Your project can be updated rather “Behance style,” and I encouraged you to show WIP shots along the way so we can see your process.

I really hope that you guys will be enjoying what I make here. I don’t believe 150-200 page books are a good place to learn perspective (it’s frankly incredibly boring to read about so so dryly,) and I don’t think you need to go to an art school either. So I feel this is a good solution that would be worth your time and investment! If you like my work, like my informative teaching style, and would like to not only learn and engage in some new stuff but also support me and what I do, sign up and let’s make some cool illustrations! YEYEAH!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask or email me at!

Edit: By the way, a “Kickstarter” style “What’s this all about?” video will be posted on the the page soon! Maybe in a week or so. GET READY, HERE COMES MY FACE.

There will also be project incentives once the class goes live! Best submitted project(s) will some free prints of my work, video chat about your work, (or even an in-person meeting if you’re local for the same review!) Can’t wait to see what you guys will create next month.


Futura Type Video.

Thought this would be the perfect time to blog this… as we start to create our own letters for a off-topic university project. Love the geometrics of Futura.


Designer in Focus:

Stephen McCarthy


A graphic designer from Dublin, who currently is working in London. His design website entitled ‘L27 - Loft 27 Design’.  He focuses primarily on pictograms as seen above. My favourite of his, is his work on ‘The Sun’ newspaper.

Students are complaining about the 3.8 percent increase in Boston University tuition, and calling for more transparency as to where their tuition is going. To attend Boston University, students will now have to pay $48,436 in tuition, and an average of $14,520 for room and board. “My primary concern is to understand how BU is managing their resources,” said Sam Baker, a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS). “I want to know how they allocate their funds.”

Amy Laskowski, a writer for BU Today, writes that President Brown attributed the “majority of the University’s increase in expenses…to competitive rises in salaries, the cost of employee benefits, and the cost of natural gas.” President Brown said, “We remain committed to our mission of high-quality education and will continue to address the challenges of balancing quality and cost that go with this commitment.” In 2013, students’ tuition brought in $1.16 billion to BU. For that same year, total revenue was $2.02 billion, and expenses were $1.87 billion.

Alexis Lorna, a senior in CAS, accepted the change and said, “3.7 percent is not totally awful. Every year I’ve been at BU it goes up but there’s an overwhelming feeling to grin and bear it because we can’t change it.” In 2014, tuition increased by 3.9 percent, in 2013 by 3.7 percent, and in 2012 by 3.79.

Other responses were more angry, and called for a change. Sabrina Katz, a sophomore in the College of Communications (COM), said, “BU is full of moneymakers trying to swindle us when we’re just here for an education.” She added, “People don’t want to transfer [to other universities] – they’ve created their lives here, they have friends – but [the administration] is screwing us over because of their greediness.”

Several students questioned where their tuition money is going, and believe BU is spending it on the wrong things. Diego Salomon said, “I think President Brown gets paid more than the president. Also I hear [he] has his own personal chef and BU provides his house.” In 2013, President Brown’s salary was approximately $1.4 million.

Those with financial aid are requesting that scholarships keep up with tuition hikes. “My financial aid doesn’t really keep up with [tuition] increases,” said Gabriel Montresor, a sophomore in CAS. “I spend all summer working to afford BU, and I end up stressed every time I see a bill.” Danilo Barbiero, a sophomore in the School of Management (SMG), also obtains financial aid from BU, but it does not increase proportionately to fee upsurges. He says, “Tuition rises put such strain on my parents, and when they’re stressed, it stresses me out. I feel more pressured, and I have a younger brother going to college too, which will increase strains.”

Others reacted with humor. Spencer Cunningham, a sophomore in CAS, joked, “I mostly just want to know if it’s reasonable to expect the university to provide for me a 3.7 percentage increase in quality of life at BU next year.”

Corey Sung, a sophomore in CAS, would be more satisfied if he knew his money was going towards a worthy cause. “Some professors claimed they’re not getting significant raises,” said Sung. “It’s possible that it could be going to service people, because there was a strike. I wouldn’t mind if my money went there because they do a hard job.”

The raise in tuition has some students questioning whether education is worthy of such a high price. “My dad is paying out of pocket for me so I can get a good education, but I often question if it’s worth it,” said Emily Biehl, a sophomore in COM. “My family can afford tuition, but this has a huge impact on my parent’s lifestyle.”

Professors are also becoming involved in the discussion. On the BU Today article, “BU 2015–2016 Tuition and Room and Board to Increase 3.7 Percent,” an anonymous professor commented, “Competitive rises in salaries: [President Brown] surely can’t mean for faculty… administrators recommend the tuition increases, not the faculty.” In 2013, Boston University spent $9.79 million on salaries, other compensation and employee benefits.  

Had the privilege to tattoo the beautiful @jen_laskowski and her storm in a teacup! Thank you so much!! Done by Kaitlyn Teressa @infernostudios

Boogeyman 3 (2009)

Movie: Boogeyman 3

  • Director: Gary Jones
  • Stars: Erin Cahill, George Maguire, John Laskowski, Jonas Talkington, Kate Maberly, Martin L Evans, Matt Rippy, Mimi Michaels, Nikki Sanderson, Nikolai Sotirov, Tobin Bell, Todd Jensen, Vlado Mihailov
  • Release Date: January 20, 2009
  • Run Time: 94 mins
  • Genre: Horror


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