Insanity is to Sane

To each its own intelligence.
One must know how to discern it in others.
Intelligence is in the eyes of the beholder.
Simplicity in thinking is what the masses practice.
Follow suit and you are mentally sound.
To object would label you fatal.
Sent away to be with the insane is where you will be.

© 2011-2012 L. Harper

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If the entire world was listening, what would you say…?

If the entire world was listening to what you had to say, what would you say? Would it be worth listening to? What merit would it hold, presently and in the future? Knowledge is power. The art of creating starts with the tedious task of applying one’s self to the procuring of knowledge. Whether or not you apply the knowledge gained, determines your appreciation for it. Meditating, allows a person to reflect on learnt information, to see where their lives can be improved by the application of it. Therefore, it is important that we fill our minds with meaningful data, so as to have something important of value to say, should that day come.

"You don't get harmony when everyone sings the same tune."-Doug Floyd

The above quote proves to be true in every sense. If life consisted of a robotic ritual of habits that everyone followed, you could predict the outcome of pretty much everything, leaving us to live tasteless and meaningless lives. There is a reason why there are vast arrays of colors, fragrances, foods, taste, etc. – because we were meant to enjoy them. Variety allows us to live life to the fullest and to experience a diverse surge of emotions. We would not be able to experience joy if there were not a variation of circumstances. If we only experienced things that kept us feeling angry or sad, we would never know what joy was. In order for joy to be experienced (or any emotion), there has to be a determining factor. Therefore, the determining factor and the ecstatic sensation of a certain heighten (but pleasurable in this case) emotional experience, work harmoniously together to create a synergistic emotion—joy. The same is true when it comes to the ability to taste and the ability to smell. You can only taste what you can smell; at least, that was what I was taught. A flower or plant can only grow to its potential if numerous factors contributing to its growth, worked harmoniously together. These factors work amicably with one another according to their ability and task. For instance, the sun can only shine its light on a plant, giving it warmth and the nutrients it needs. Water can only keep the plant and the soil around it moist, to keep it from withering and dying. So, you see, while there are various determining factors that contribute to a plant’s growth and survival, each component work harmoniously together, each one completing its own task of bringing and sustaining life within the plant. Humans are the same way. We all have various abilities and task each contributing to the harmonious flow of life. If someone didn’t have the ability or the task to sort out mail, you’d be getting someone else mail every day. I think you get the point though. Variety creates harmony.