(RIGHT WING WATCH) Alex Jones’ InfoWars is responding to reports that the Las Vegas shooting of two police officers and one bystander were committed by fringe conspiracy theorists bent on starting a revolution by

Conspiracy theories are in part a defense mechanism — they protect you from the consequences of your beliefs. By making up fairy tales to believe with all their little hearts (and I do mean little), Jones and the rest of the gundamentalist crowd can continue to believe that only goodness and freedom come out of the barrel of a gun, while dismissing the increasing body count and carnage that comes with that belief.

Mic Check — The Las Vegas Shooters' Disturbing Motive, Standing for a Month, and Sir Mix-a-Lot

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Las Vegas shooters spoke of white supremacy and a desire to kill police: The pair of shooters that ambushed Las Vegas police into a firefight that left five people dead reportedly shouted, “This is the start of a revolution” before opening fire and draping their bodies with cloth showing a Revolutionary War-era flag. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that investigators also found paraphernalia associated with white supremacists.

Mother Jones trawled through the suspected shooters’ digital history and pieced together a disconcerting portrait: The two were “were a young married couple who espoused extreme pro-gun and anti-government views” who liked YouTube videos about shooting cops and wrote about their “coming sacrifices” against tyranny.

+ It’s wrong to immediately equate someone’s political leanings with a propensity for mass violence. However, PolicyMic's Tom McKay notes that this disturbing attack is becoming more common than you may think: “Violent right-wing extremism, it seems, remains alive and well in America, and some experts worry that now or in the future it could become as big a threat as Islamic terrorism posed over the past decade. By some measurements, it already does.”

A computer just passed the “Turing Test” for the first time: A computer program became the first in history to successfully convince a panel of judges that it was a human being — more specifically, a non-native English speaking 13-year-old Ukrainian boy named “Eugene Goostman.” “Eugene” and four other computerized contenders were participating in Saturday’s Turing Test 2014 Competition at the Royal Society in London, which was held on the 60th anniversary of Turing’s death.

+ Or did it? TechDirt's Mike Masnick looks beyond the headlines: “The whole concept of the Turing Test itself is kind of a joke. While it’s fun to think about, creating a chatbot that can fool humans is not really the same thing as creating artificial intelligence.”

Obama bypasses Congress to battle student loan crisis: On Monday, the president announced he will take executive action to help ease students’ burden of paying back loans, capping loan payments for an estimated 5 million graduates at 10% of their monthly income. “It’s not exactly a cure-all, but it’s a start,” writes PolicyMic’s Chris Miles. “But more importantly, Obama is sending a message that he will 100% bypass a gridlocked Congress on this issue to work towards a solution to a student loan problem quickly ballooning out of control.”

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We don’t necessarily believe that they are white supremacists or associated with the Nazi movement. We believe that they equate government and law enforcement … with Nazis.

In other words, they believe that law enforcement is the oppressor.

Sheriff’s department official Kevin McMahill, on Jerad and Amanda Miller, the rightwing terrorists who killed three in Las Vegas.

So not neo-Nazis or white supremacists. Just your average, run-of-the-mill ‘baggers, using their Glorious Second Amendment Freedoms to Bring Down Tyrants.

This senseless slaughter has been brought to you by the Tea Party and the NRA, with generous help from talk radio and rightwing blogs.

I feel I have the deaths of five people on my shoulders. The signs were there.
—  Kelly Fielder, a neighbor of Jerad and Amanda Miller. The young married couple were identified today as the shooters in the rampage that left two police officers and a Wal-Mart shopper dead in Las Vegas yesterday. Fielder said the Millers were staying in her apartment until Sunday morning. At about 5:45 a.m. that day, Jerad Miller brought out swastikas and an Army insignia and said: “I’m going to put one of those on every cop we kill.” 

When it comes to women and murder, there are unexpected statistics. Joni E. Johnston, PsyD., writes on the Psychology Today blog that even though there are far fewer female serial killers than males, “percentage-wise, there are more female serial murderers [with] 15 percent in comparison to 85 percent males [as opposed to] one-time killers [at] 90 percent men [and] 10 percent women. In other words, a slightly higher percentage of female killers are serial killers.

But while even the dustiest of history books are full of female murderers, there are very few spree killers. The crimes of the Manson women, Eileen Wuornos, and Andrea Yates all lack the exhibitionism and spontenaity of a rampage. Out of 1,336 spree killers in recorded history, it appears that less than ten were women, which is low, given that men commit about 10 percent of total murders.

A 2012 study published in the International Journal of Women’s Health suggests that psychopathy in women might occur at different rates, or be expressed differently in criminals, with “only 11% of female violent subjects, as opposed to 31% of male violent subjects, [meeting] the criteria for psychopathy.”

Quite tellingly, however, the study starts this way: “Prior research on psychopathy has primarily focused on the problem in men. Only a few studies have examined whether psychopathy even exists in women, and if so, how the disorder manifests itself in them.”

(via A Brief History of Female Rampage Killers | VICE United States)

Women who kill are also more likely to be punished with greater severity for their crimes, no matter the particulars of their background or the context of the violence itself, because they are women. (Some) women’s violence tends to get front-page, splashy coverage across media outlets when the perpetrator is a woman in a kind of strange gender parity that has the effect of making women’s violence seem all the more out of the ordinary.

VICE tips its hand with that last paragraph with an “as deadly as the male” tagline to strike dread in the heart of the reader: It’s not that women aren’t violent on par with men, it’s that they’ve been better able to hide because people don’t study their violence with the same frequency as men.

It’s the age old double-edge sword: woman are inherently violent because they are women OR violent women are aberrations because they are women. 

Between September 11, 2001 and March 2014, right-wing extremists killed 34 people in America. If you count the three Jewish community members Frazier Glenn Cross killed in Kansas City before screaming “Heil Hitler” as police arrested him this past April, the tally jumps to 37. And it hits 40 when you add the two policemen and lone civilian who died this weekend when Jerad and Amanda Miller launched their Las Vegas revolution. The officers were eating lunch at a pizza restaurant, treading on no one, when they were shot dead and draped in a Gadsden flag. The civilian at the nearby Wal-Mart, Joseph Wilcox, was armed and ready to put an end to Jerad’s rampage, but didn’t know Amanda was armed as well. Turns out a good guy with a gun is the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun, unless the bad guy’s wife happens to have a gun, too.

As an aside, everyone killed that day was armed. At no point did anyone’s sidearm or concealed weapon save a life. The idea that an armed civilian can stop a mass killing takes a massive hit.

Cop Killer Jerad Miller's Facebook Likes In One Giant Right-Wing Graphic

Cop Killer Jerad Miller’s Facebook Likes In One Giant Right-Wing Graphic

Now that Jerad and Amanda Miller have been identified as the two perpetrators who gunned down two Las Vegas police officers along with a third victim in a Walmart before taking their own lives, a pretty vivid picture is emerging of who these two people were and what motivated them to carry out such a heinous act.

Wonketteappears to have first uncovered the couple’s incredibly chilling social…

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In the 36 hours after the shooting, Fox News tread lightly around the Las Vegas story, producing regular news updates about the crime spree. But Fox provided almost no commentary, no context, and certainly no collective blame for the executions.

And that’s how Fox News deals with right-wing domestic terrorism in America, when it even bothers to acknowledge the killings and the crimes. (The channel barely covered Georgia’s courthouse siege last week.) At Fox, the deadly and disturbing events are treated as isolated incidents that are mostly void of politics. And more importantly, on Fox the perpetrators are always portrayed as lone gunmen (and women) who do not represent any cultural or political movement.

But when Fox covers breaking U.S. news events involving terror acts by Arabs or Muslims? Recall that in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing last year it was a Fox talker who suggested American mosques be bugged and other Constitutional rights for Muslims be eliminated. And it was on Fox that viewers were told, “not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims.”

—  How Fox News Covers Right-Wing Cop Killers (x)

Five people are reported dead following a shooting near a Las Vegas Walmart. There were two attackers — one male and one female — and both reportedly killed themselves after the assault. It’s unclear how many in total are dead, but local reports indicate that the death toll is at least five, including the shooters.

According to 8NewsNow, the shooting commenced when two suspects stormed a nearby pizzeria at around 11:30 and shot and killed two police officers inside. Witnesses say that the suspects then took the officers’ weapons and ammunition, proclaiming that “the revolution has begun” and heading into the Walmart across the street.


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