Okay followers and others,

The verdict from the Brown/Wilson is to be announced pretty soon and I just want to say a couple of things. I don’t know if any of you remember or have heard of the L.A. Riots but in 1992 a verdict was reached (which from what I’ve read was the incorrect verdict) and after being announced protests turned extremely violent killing 53 citizens many of which were beaten and shot to death and over 2,000 injured with several business’s and houses burned down putting the economy in Los Angeles to a halt until the national guard (and others) stepped in ending the riots a whole 5 days. Please don’t let this occur in Saint Louis. Please Don’t allow the thieves and criminals turn the peaceful protests violent putting others in harm. I would like to ask that you spread this like wildfire (although I hate this saying). I’m just trying to keep the citizens in my home safe and allow protesters to do what they like, I just don’t want anything to turn violent. I am somewhat neutral in this situation and if you have any questions, I live in saint louis and hear stuff everyday about it.

With love, official-sciencesideoftumbler


Around LA in 80 Dresses - #2 The Thriller House

by Georgia Hardstark & Doug Jones

Welcome to the second installment of our photo/fashion/travel project, Around LA in 80 Dresses, in which my good friend Doug and I travel our almost-native* city and then I get into one of my many beloved dresses and he takes photos of me because narcissism art, you guys.

*Doug is originally from Canada but grew up in the Valley, and Georgia was born in LA but spent her childhood in Orange County. 

This was an unplanned stop on our route, but when we passed Angelino Heights off the 101 fwy I knew we had to make a detour for Carroll Ave. Angelino Heights is one of the last remaining neighborhoods from the Victorian era in Los Angeles, and the ornate, stately homes along Carroll Ave. are worth a stop in Echo Park themselves. 

Luckily Doug is a wealthy of knowledge and knew that one of the old houses was actually the house where the Michael Jackson music video for Thriller was filmed. It hasn’t changed much, which is awesome for us but probably pisses off the neighbors. Ain’t it pretty?

The dress I’m wearing is one of the only non-vintage brands I collect. Dear Creatures is a fabulous little wife & husband run company and I absolutely love their style. Think: Zooey Deschanel meets an adorable bunny and they go to brunch together and eat lots of things with artisanal jam on them. That’s the style. This is the Waikiki dress and it happens to be on sale right now, so go get it and you can recreate me changing in the middle of Carroll Ave.!

Find Around LA in 80 Dresses #1 here. Let me know in the comments if there are any locations in LA you think we should visit! Okay?