stylestwat asked:

Can I just say, I actually love your blog :) we didn't get off to a good start because I took you're dit without knowing (really sorry, I'm harrylouis-fan I just changed my url) but I hope thats in the past, I just love your blog haha :)

Oh i don’t even remember so no worries:) Thank you <3

stylestwat asked:

Sorry but what gives ANYONE the right to tell her to get out this fandom, sorry do you own it? no didn't think so. You have your opinions, its a freedom of speech, there is always going to be one person that disagree's with you, but its your opinion. The rest of us have an opinion too but just because it isn't the same as yours doesn't mean its not right? Leave her alone ffs, find something better to do rather then getting a thrill out of hating on someone.

Thank you very much!!
They’re just condradicting themselves really…