By Chance at Midnight

Word Count: 1,288

Warnings: Just some mutual wanking across screens and dirty talk

A/N: hiiii I hope you like it! It’s not one of my best sorry :( AU where Louis and Harry meet on omegle and do something dirty thingsss. Based on this prompt xx

prompt for 365 project - harry and louis meet on omegle video or chat and do stuff;) already boyfriends and louis wants to try something new


Louis wasn’t sure what he was doing. He was sitting on his bed, in the middle of the night, with nothing on but his boxers. His hair was damp from the shower and was sticking to his forehead and for some reason he decided to go on Omegle.

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It finally happened.

Just remember that one day it will happen.

One morning, you will wake up to Elounor breakup rumors. You will brush them off as you know they aren’t true. But when you search online, you find several official articles about the breakup written hours before.

It has begun.

In the coming weeks, Elounor shippers begin to see the truth in Larry now that Eleanor is out of the picture. The ships starts to grow bigger and bigger.

It’s happening.

Months later, you are scrolling through twitter late at night. You see that #larryisfree, #larrycameout, and #larryisreal are all trending worldwide. Your feed is blocking up with Larry. Nervous, you go to click on the hash tags and find links to the solved blind gossip articles, endless tweets about Larry coming out, and several official articles that had been published within the past hour. Most of all, there is a new YouTube video on One Direction’s account titled “Louis and Harry- This is Us”. Ecstatic, you begin to watch the video.

Louis and Harry are sitting on a couch, cuddled close together. They take a deep breath and begin. “Hi.” they say in unison. “I’m Harry.” “And I’m Louis.” “And this,” they look at each other, “is us.” They lean in for a sweet, tender kiss, and the video ends.

Overwhelmed, you sit there in shock.

What we had all been waiting for happened.

It finally happened.



So this past week i was looking for a fanfiction, a LARRY fanfiction and it had to be smutty (obviously). I was going through tumblr and I Saw many suggestions but I went with this one called “ baby heaven’s in your eyes “ by theboyfriendstagram . Now let me just tell you this is one of the best Larry fanfic i’ve read. It is well written and long enough to keep me entertained, 24 chapters of fluff AND smut . In this AU , Louis is the little perfect rich boy , snobby , narsassistic and spoiled by his parents. He’s been having a secret relashionship while he was going out with Eleonor . And Harry, well he’s a player , didn’t think he knew about love until he met little Tommo. It has cute Larry quotes and includes all of the other members (including Zayn , Barbara , Eleonor , Perrie , etc.) So if you guys are interested i’ll add a link to the AU and i really hope you LOVE it because I definately did!~

click vv to read <3

Texting Larry Stylinson {Whipped Cream} - Tłumaczenie polskie.

Texting Larry Stylinson // SMS-owe rozmowy Larrego Stylinsona

Whipped Cream // Bita śmietana

Od autorki tłumaczenia: Chyba dobrze dobrałam sobie fanfica na pierwsze tłumaczenie chociaż te sms-owe skróty czasem mnie przerażają W każdym razie, mam nadzieję, że nie jest tak źle ;p


Harry i Louis nie tylko spędzają cały swój czas razem, ale kiedy zdarzy się, że są osobno lubią mieć pewność, że jeden nie zapomniał o drugim i na odwrót, niezależnie jak długo są rozdzieleni. Więc oto kilka z SMS-owych rozmów Larrego Stylinsona…

Pogrubiona czcionka to Louisa kursywa to Harry.

(16:25) Jestem w drodze do domu. Do zobaczenia za 15 min.

(16:26) Ok. Kupiłeś bitą śmietanę?

(16:31) Zapomniałeś, prawda?

(16:31) Nie. Muszę tylko zawrócić do sklepu…

(16:32) Jesteś idiotą, wiesz o tym?

(16:34) Tak, wiem.

(16:34) Aw.. nie mów tak :(

(16:35) Nie mówić czego jak? :S

(16:36) Nie mów tego wszystkiego tak smutno, to sprawia, że czuję się winny :|

(16:37) Nie powiedziałem tego w ten sposób…

(16:38) Właśnie, że powiedziałeś.

(16:40) Czekaj, więc możesz stwierdzić jak mówię przez sms-y, które nieprzedstawiają mojego głosu w żaden sposób?

(16:40) Tak.

(16:41)  Super. Jestem w drodze do domu, znowu.

(16:42) Dzięki Bogu, nie mogę się doczekać aż zjem całą puszkę. Przysięgam, to tak jakbym był w ciąży, to całe pragnienie i w ogóle, i jestem dziwnie podekscytowany z powodu twojego przyjścia z nią.

(16:42) Nie to, że nie jestem podekscytowany twoim przyjściem, jestem tylko mega podekscywowany. Dobra, mam dołek, ale muszę iść dalej, skołujesz mi drabinę bym mógł się wydostać?

(16:50) Wielkie nieba, znowu zapomniałeś?

(16:52) Nie, tylko jeszcze raz muszę zawrócić do sklepu…

(16:53) Naprawdę nie wiem po co ja się tak z Tobą męczę.

(16:54) Męczysz się ponieważ mnie kooooochasz :)

(16:54) I dlatego, że chcesz dobrać mi się do spodni.

(16:56)  Może teraz chcę dobrać się do innych spodni, bo ty zapomniałeś o mojej bitej śmietanie.

(16:57)  A może chcesz po prostu doprawić mojego penisa bitą śmietaną, którą mam zamiar kupić, by uczynić go jeszcze lepszym?

(16:57) Kurwa. Nie, nie waż się kłaść chilli na moim penisie, to znaczy, hipotetycznie.

(16:59) Oh…Nigdy nad tym nie myślałem…

(17:01)  Nad chilli czy śmietaną? Mam nadzieję, że chodzi o to drugie…

(17:02) Nad śmietaną, zboczuchu.

(17:03) Cokolwiek masz na myśli, nie mam nic przeciwko.

(17:04) Oczywiście, że nie masz nic przeciwko dopóki ci nie obciągnę, mała dziwko.

(17:06) Czuję się urażony! :o

(17:07) Aw przepraszam, skarbie :(

(17:08) (8) Jedno przepraszam to za mało…

(17:09) Wynagrodzę Ci to kiedy wrócisz, zgoda?

(17:10) Tak, będę w domu za niedługo.

(17:11) Mogę wykorzystać tą śmietanę, żeby przeprosić Cię jeszcze skuteczniej…

(17:15) No nie, to muszą być jakieś żarty.

(17:16) Znowu? Znowu jej zapomniałeś?

No Mystery to Me

Word Count: 1, 483

Warnings: Sex in a shower woohooooo

A/N: This is based off of this AU Meme set right here:

that’s pretty much perfect and I just had to write a fic based off of it. Credit to owner of this gif set for the idea, I hope I did okay in writing it! Enjoy!! xx

Louis raced to the locker room in a rush to get showered before they closed them. Practice had run late and they had started at seven in order to give the other teams a chance to practice first. On top of all that, coach had kept Louis behind wanting to talk to him about some game tactics, seeing how Louis was captain.

“See you tomorrow, mate!”

“Nice practice, Louis!”

“You, too mates, see you tomorrow!”

“Hey Lou!” Niall called out chasing after Louis.

“What’s up, Nialler? I gotta shower.”

“Josh is having a party tomorrow night. Says we gotta be there. Tell Zayn, alright? Lads night!”

“Of course. Tell Josh we’ll be there, wouldn’t be the same without us,” Louis winked in reply as he sauntered away into the locker rooms. He said bye to a few more people even those on other teams. It seemed the swim team had just finished up, and well, the football team and swim team might not be on the same level, but everyone said hi to Louis Tomlinson. He was captain of the football team, openly gay and comfortable with it, and to those who were gay or straight girls, probably one of the hottest guys around. His arse was perfectly sculpted, outlined by his golden skin which made his bright, cerulean eyes stand out. His feathered hair was usually swept across in an effortless fringe, and matched his eyes with a perfect dark caramel color. Everyone lusted after Louis in one way or another.

He ran into the now completely emptied locker room, stripping himself and dashing to the shower. It was now 9:30, and Louis worried the doors would be locked soon. The water began to feel so good, Louis couldn’t help but break out in song. “Now in some way, shake the excess. And I will wait, I will wait for you.” The acoustics rang perfectly, and soon fifteen minutes had passed, and Louis didn’t even notice the light click of the lock shutting the doors.

Feeling refreshed and ready to fall right into bed when he got home, Louis shut off the shower and wrapped a towel around his body. He hummed and rounded the corner too quickly, bumping into another pale, muscular body.


“Damn, watch where you’re goin- hey wait a second what are you doing here? I thought I was the only one left,” Louis rushed out.

“Guess you’re not,” the curly-haired boy countered. “I did enjoy your serenading in the shower I must say, I’m flattered. Didn’t know you would wait for me, but I’m willing to wait for you, too,” he teased.

Louis rolled his eyes and walked across the room to the boy to gather his stuff from his locker. “Shit, fuck, didn’t realize it was so late!”

“Better check to see if the doors still open,” Harry replied in a worried tone as he walked over to the door. “Fuck….we’re stuck,” he informed Louis panicked.

Louis sighed and let his head drop. What the fuck was he going to do now? He wanted to put his clothes back on, but it was so hot in the locker room just the thought made him want to start sweating again.

“I’ll text Liam. I’m sure he’ll know someone who can get us out.”

“Liam Payne?” Louis said and Harry nodded. “Good guy, really good guy. And you’re Harry right?”

“The one and only Styles,” Harry replied cheekily. Louis couldn’t help but bite back a smile at the boy’s flirty, green eyes and deep dimples. Louis loved dimples. He took a long glance at Harry who had proceeded to strip down to nothing but a pair of small black boxers. They were almost briefs, so tight and outlining every part of Harry. Louis had to swallow a moan at the sight of how large Harry might be. His eyes moved up to catch sight of his long torso, sculpted in only the way a swimmers body can. Louis knew that Harry was team captain, but no one really noticed swimming. Louis however, wished he had noticed Harry before. Finally reaching the top of his head, Louis took in the sight of Harry’s rich, brown curls that hung slightly over his forehead. He swung them out of the way to look back up at Louis, still holding that stunning smile that felt like Louis was being blinded by the sun. “And you’re Louis Tomlinson. But of course I know that. Everyone does.”

“Oh really? And how much do you really know about me? Everyone thinks they know me, know my whole story.”

“Well,” Harry began as he moved across the room to Louis. “I know you’re the captain of the football team. Straight A’s despite your busy social schedule, which includes hooking up with any guy who may be worthy of that arse. Extremely talented at knowing everyone’s name, but you’ve never looked twice me in the hallway no matter how many times I obviously check you out. You have two best friends Niall and Zayn, who may be attractive, but in my opinion, have no competition against you. You win in my eyes. You’re happy with how your life has turned out, as I can see in the way your eyes light up. But sometimes, just sometimes, I imagine that I could be the one to make them light up that way.”

At this point Harry had backed Louis all the way up against the shower wall and Louis was struggling to breathe. All he wanted was to push up on his toes just a little bit and close that distance between the two. “Sometimes, I wish I was a mystery just like you, Harry Styles,” Louis breathed out. With those final words, the tension seemed to crack in the air just like lightning, and all Louis could feel were Harry’s lips on his. It was fast, hot and full of lust. The passion seared between the two as Harry pushed Louis’ lips open and their tongues met. Louis moaned at the sudden movement that filled him from head to toes with pleasure. The kiss escalated over the next couple of minutes until the two were completely grinding on each other. Harry ran a hand up Louis’ toned, tan abs, and their tongues flicked out no longer in a kiss to meet each other. Harry traced the inside of his mouth before returned his lips, and Louis wanted more.

“Fuck,” Louis groaned out as Harry hoisted to bring Louis’ legs around his hips, knocking the shower on in the process. Water poured down, and Harry stepped out of his boxers, while Louis let his towel around his waist drop. Both of their cocks met in an intense heat and Harry could only mumble, “More, shit, more.”

Louis pushed Harry away so he could move around and place his hands against the wall while sticking his arse out. “Just get the fuck in me, Harry need you now.”

“Shit, Lou, I’m going, you’re so beautiful, can’t believe this.” Harry allowed the water to act as a lube, and pressed a finger inside Louis, stretching him out in a quick and messy way. He moved onto two fingers and didn’t hesitate to place a third in. “Think you’re ready babe?” Harry asked as he kissed across Louis’ shoulders.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Louis rushed. Harry nodded in response and lined himself up with Louis’ hole, pressing himself deep inside. It didn’t take long for Louis to grab Harry’s neck and press himself against Harry as if to fuck himself down onto Harry’s cock. Harry began to move in and out, while reaching around stroking Louis’ cock in the same time. Louis let out choked moans as the water ran down the both of them, cooling their intense heat. Thrust after thrust soon became too much and Louis came across Harry’s hand in a loud moan, and Harry couldn’t help but follow soon after, pulling out and coming across Louis’ ass.

Louis turned around in satisfaction to pull Harry into a deep kiss as the water cleaned the two of them off. They stood their making out underneath the spray of the shower head for minutes, and Louis could almost feel himself becoming hard again at the light grinding between their cocks. A loud bang echoed through the locker room and both boys parted lips, jumping at the sound.

“Harry?! You in here??” Liam’s voice rang through out the locker room. Harry leaned his forehead against Louis’ with a long sigh.

“Yeah! Back here in the shower, I’ll be out in a minute.” He leaned in for another kiss with Louis who kissed back eagerly.

They broke apart soon after not wanting to get built up again, both with a sense of disappointment.

“Well Harry Styles, you may still be a mystery, but this right here between you and me isn’t one anymore.”

“Harry smiles. He’s only known Louis for about two hours, knows nothing about him past his first name, but he’s nice and sarcastic and helpful and so, so pretty. And Harry’s still got a few days left in Barcelona, and he thinks he wouldn’t mind spending them with Louis.

Also known as, Harry takes the summer before uni to travel Europe and meets Louis in Barcelona, and they end up traveling together.”

4/5 Stars this fic is so cute and the ending is perfect. I love this so much it’s a definite MUST READ.

***Mature*** | Completed

Should I write a fanfic about fetus Harry and his babysitter Louis ?

Harry styles (13) is from a rich family. His mother is a complete homophobe but Harry is gay. Harry keeps his sexuality to himself. His parents are barely ever home so they’ve hired a baby sitter. Louis Tomlinson (21) and Louis’s friend Eleanor comes and helps with Harry. Harry loves Louis (way more than a babysitter or friend) and is way too scared to tell him. Until one day Louis catches Harry with a hard on after Harry watched him bend over. He, at first, thinks it’s just him going through puberty. But when Harry freaks out and gets under the covers, Louis sees some cum stains on Harry’s bed, followed with a cum stained picture of himself… Want to know what happens ? If this gets enough notes I will write this fanfiction.

Armour of Faith

The lines between conflicts are blurred when Zayn, an army Medic in Iraq, gets assigned to a base on the Syrian/Iraqi border. Exploring local caves one day, Zayn is inexplicably drawn to a mystical chamber. In it, he suddenly, unbelievably, finds himself swept into the world of the Third Crusade. His life soon becomes intertwined with the lives of the mysterious Knights Templar, the politics of war and maybe the love of a past lifetime.
Can Zayn ever find a way to return home? Will he be stuck in the Middle Ages forever?
Would that really be so bad?

“For three years, Harry has been running from his past. Now, he is moving to London and pledges to fulfil his only dream – making it big in the music industry. Not everyone has a place, though, and the competition is tough. As is his past catching up on him.

Louis is part of the biggest boy band of the world, and getting there had meant a lot of hard work, as well as sacrificing parts of his heart and soul. He’s still happy. Maybe not as happy as he could be, but who is he to complain?

Featuring Perrie as Harry’s adorable flatmate, Niall as his manager, and Liam and Zayn as Louis’ bandmates.”

4/5 Stars it’s so excruciatingly perfect and I LOVE IT everything is great. So many feels. Read it.

***Mature*** | Completed

I'm Horny. Let's Do This

Word Count: 1,114

Warnings: Sex baby (let’s talk about you and me)

A/N: Here’s some tour bus sexy time, dedicated to one of our co-owners on her lovely birthday!! Love you babe!! Enjoy!! Xx

                It had been a long week. A long week of concerts and fans and tour bus. Tour bus, that is the worst part. Louis wasn’t sure how much longer he could last on the fucking bus with no privacy and no time to get off. Not even a quick wank in the tiny little bathroom behind the beds along the hallway.

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So I started a series of different types of larry oneshots and wrote it into a wattpad story, perhaps you could take a look and let me know how it’s going, or if you have any au’s you’d like me to base my next oneshot on, i’m absolutely obliging to!

Here’s the link, enjoy larry.


ps. au’s I’ve written in there include,

- Louis is a burlesque performer, Harry is a barowner.

-Mr and Mr Tomlinson.

- Louis as a florist, Harry as Barista boy.  (He used to work in a bakery.)

-One Night stand with my son’s new teacher.

The Name Stuck in My Heart Part 2

Word Count: 1,340

Warnings: Blow jobs, Fingering, Buttsex- mostly pure smut

A/N: Here’s part two of this prompt! Sorry it took so long for me to get it out, I just wanted to make sure it was good, and not rushed, so I hope you enjoy!! xx

The two barely wait to get through the door before clothes are being torn off, lips being attacked and moans escaping mouths. The two had thrown themselves into a cab full of giggles and relief of being surrounded by the comfort of each other’s presence again. They couldn’t stop kissing. Louis had forgotten how perfect Harry’s mouth fit to his and he wondered how he ever went without the feel of Harry’s lips and tongue sliding against his.

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Hey guys :) This is just a quick one-shot I did.The next chapter of Inside These Walls will be out shortly and thanks so much for your patience!I really appreciate it :) So,I hope you enjoy this and all feedback is greatly appreciated!Thanks guys :D ♥

Moments like this is when they are really honest with each other. Lying in bed during the middle of the night, Harry cuddled into Louis with his arm draped lightly across his stomach. Louis responding by pulling Harry closer to him, running comforting fingers all over his skin. This is when they truly express how they feel, how hard it is having to pretend every single day but most importantly, their dreams. Dreams for their future. Dreams for what their lives could be like, with no hiding and no falseness. Just them. Just Harry and Louis. How it should be.

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Man In The Mirror

“Louis, the ceremony’s gonna start soon. Are you alright,” Zayn asked through the old wooden door out of concern for his friend. Louis had been getting ready for his wedding to Harry for more than an hour now, and his friends and family were getting worried and impatient.

“Yeah, I’m just making sure that I look alright for Harry,” Louis said reassuring his band mate.

“I’m sure however you look Harry will think that you look great. You could be wearing a tank and sweatpants and he’d still think you look amazing. Just hurry up, cause the ceremony starts in about thirty minutes.” Zayn knew that Louis was standing in front of the mirror looking at himself and feeling insecure. He knew what this was about. He knew that it was about Harry.

“Just tell Harry that I’m almost ready, alright?”

“Ok, don’t be so pushy.”

“Sorry. I’m just nervous. I’ve been looking forward to this day for months.” And Louis was nervous. He could feel the knots in his stomach getting tighter with every new thought of Harry standing there at the alter. He imagined walking down the aisle, everyone watching him, his friends and family smiling with love in their eyes, but most of all he thought of Harry. Harry in his tuxedo and his hair parted to the side, messy as ever. Harry with that big grin on his face that just melted his heart and gave him butterflies in his stomach at the same time. Harry and his big, green eyes that Louis knew he could just look into forever and never look away. How could he compare to such perfection, such beauty? He knew that he couldn’t, and that was his biggest fear.

“Louis. LOUIS!” The pounding on the door broke Louis out of his daydream as Zayn tried to get his attention.


“Don’t be nervous. Just remember that Harry’ll love you regardless of what you look like,” Zayn said undoubtedly from the other side of the door.

“I know. I’ll try to hurry up.”

“Thanks.” Zayn walked back down the hallway and on the way Niall and Liam found him on his way back to the sanctuary.

“Is he alright,” Niall asked.

“Yeah, he’s fine, just a little nervous, but that’s to be expected.”

“Is it about Harry again?” Liam knew that Louis had always been self conscience, all four of the boys knew. For as long as they’ve known him they’ve always tried to boost his confidence, Harry most of all. He felt like if he wasn’t there for him then Louis would be a mess, he’d always be second guessing himself and putting himself down.

“Yeah, he thinks that he won’t look good for Harry,” Zayn said with a frown on his face.

“I don’t know why he does that to himself. Regardless of how he looks he knows that Harry’s still gonna stare at him like a puppy,” Niall said knowing that Harry couldn’t care less how Louis looks.

“That’s what I told him, just without the puppy part.” The three boys laughed at Niall’s reference to how Harry’s always staring at Louis. “We just have to reassure him that Harry’ll love him no matter what.” Zayn patted the boys on the back and continued into the sanctuary with Liam and Niall in tow. As the three walked through the room each assuring members of Louis’ family that everything’s fine Zayn spotted Harry sitting in a chair against the East wall of the church; the worried groom was fidgeting with his bow tie and fixing his tussled mess of hair anxiously.

“You look fine.” Harry looked up to see Zayn standing over him with a smile on his face.

“Did you talk to Lou,” Harry asked his friend with concern in his voice.

“Yeah, he’s just finishing getting ready.” Zayn knew that that wasn’t the whole truth, but he didn’t want to worry Harry more than he already was.

“How’s the handsome groom doing,” Anne asked as she walked up to her nervous son.

“I’m not sure. I’m just..just…Louis…just…”

“He’s just a bit worried about Louis,” Zayn said helping Harry with his loss of words.

“Well I’m sure that Louis’ about as nervous as you are, hun. This is a big day for the both of you. You just need to give him a little time to get himself together, emotionally, mentally, what have you. Just be patient, darling.” Anne gave her son a kind smile, took his hand and kissed it, put her hand on Zayn’s shoulder, then walked back over to sit with Harry’s father and sister. Harry heard his mother assure his family that everything was fine, that he was just a bit nervous about Louis and the wedding in general. Gemma sent a caring smile towards Harry, and he returned his sister’s love by smiling back.

Harry’s family loved him, and he knew that, he was just glad that they supported him and his love for Louis. He thought about the madness that was his and Louis’ relationship, and how in the beginning there was so much crap that happened, what with Modest and Eleanor and Taylor and how after he and Lou came out as a couple and all the drama that followed. He remembered all of the hate that he got from the media and from some of his fans. He remembered the derogatory terms that he and Louis were called: fag, homo, queer, the list went on. He was just glad that that stage of his life was done and over with; now all he had to concentrate on was building his future with Louis. He thought about how he would be able to wake up next to him every morning, how he would be able to look into his sleepy, hazel eyes as he lie beside him in bed. How he could spend the rest of his life with the one person who mattered most. Thinking about this amazing future just made all of those bad memories go away.

Zayn stood beside Harry and watched him as his band mate thought about his future. He knew what was going through his mind because Harry began to get that smile on his face that only Louis could give him. Zayn looked in the direction of Niall and Liam who were talking casually to a group of their various friends. The two noticed his glance in their direction, and Zayn knew he’d gotten their attention. He signaled for them to come over to him, and the two complied.

“What is it,” Liam asked as he walked up to Zayn.

Zayn whispered something in his band mate’s ear, then did the same to Niall. Niall walked off with a smile on his face, and Harry began to feel confused.

“Harry, why don’t you go check on Louis,” Liam said as if he had a plan in mind.

“I think I should just give him some space; if I were him that’s what I would want.” Harry thought about how anxious Louis must be, and if he saw him he knew that his anxiety level would surely go up.

“But you’re not him.” Zayn mentally rolled his eyes at the thought of Louis pacing the room without Harry there to calm him. “You of all people should know that when Lou’s feeling anxious the sight of you is one of the only things that’ll ease his nerves.”

“And this should help.” Niall walked up to Zayn, Harry, and Liam, a bright, red rose in his hand.

“What’s with the rose,” Harry asked in a confused tone.

“Oh, just something we’ve been planning for a few days. We knew a moment like this might arise, so we came prepared.” Niall presented Harry with the flower with a cocky smile on his face.

“Umm, what?” Harry tried to think of what the rose could be for. It was probably the nerves, but he hadn’t the slightest what possible use the flower in his hand had.

“Ok, to clear things up: you go to the room where Lou’s getting ready, knock on the door, and present him with the rose. Give him that big smile that you know makes him swoon, and ask him if everything’s alright. It’s fool proof.” Liam knew with confidence that his plan would work; how could it not?

“Trust us, we’ve thought it all out,” Niall said with a pat on Harry’s shoulder. Harry looked at Zayn, and Zayn smiled back at him.

“You know Lou, he can’t resist your curly-haired charm. Just humor us. Here, I’ll even get you started.” Zayn offered his hand to Harry, and Harry took it to assist himself to stand. His legs felt weak, and he knew that it was because of his anxiety towards this day of importance.

“And off you go,” Niall said while slightly shoving Harry in the direction of Louis’ room. Zayn rolled his eyes, and Liam just laughed. “What? The kid needed some help.” Niall knew that he didn’t have to explain his assisting Harry in his mission to check on Louis, but he felt obligated to anyways.

As Harry walked through the sanctuary his various friends and family members glanced at him as he passed by. He wondered if they could see the anxiety in his eyes, but he put on a brave smile regardless. He turned and looked back at his three friends, and Liam gave him a thumbs up, while Niall and Zayn gave him reassuring smiles. He trusted in their plan, he just prayed that it would work, that Louis seeing him would calm his nerves and make the rest of the day easier. After he finally got to Louis’ room, Harry knocked on the old, wooden door. He rehearsed what he would say in his head, he thought about what words would calm his nervous groom.

“Yeah?” The sound of Louis’ voice made Harry smile just like it always did.

“It’s me Lou,” Harry said as he began to turn the worn, metal door knob.

“It’s bad luck to see the groom before the wedding,” Louis said jokingly.

“I don’t believe in luck, you know that. Besides, I wanted to make sure that you were ok; you’ve been getting ready for a while now.” Harry slowly opened the door and caught a glimpse of Louis staring at himself in the mirror; he was wiping tears from his eyes and breathing heavily.

“No, don’t come in, I don’t want you to see me right now,” Louis said as he wiped another tear from his eye.

“Why not? Seeing your face is just what I need right now. Plus I’d begun to think that you were never coming out. Here, the boys thought you might need this, and I thought it was a beautiful sentiment as well.” Louis turned to see Harry handing him a crimson red rose, he was sporting a big smile which melted Louis’ heart.

“What’s this for,” Louis asked as he took the rose from Harry.

“Oh just something to remind you that I love you and that I’m still here for you.” Harry’s cheeks turned a shade of red that made Louis blush as well.

“Well indulge me why don’t you,” Louis said sarcastically.

“That’s the plan.” Harry stepped closer towards Louis and wiped a stray tear from his fiance’s cheek. “So why have you been in here for so long anyways?”

“Why did you start liking me in the first place, Harry?” Harry saw Louis’ face change with the question, he knew where this conversation was going.

“You know why, Lou.” Harry was irritated at the thought of having to explain the reason for his love for Louis.

“Just humor me. Why did you start liking me all those years ago during The X-Factor?”

“Well, at first I thought that you were cute, you were just an overall attractive person, but then it got deeper than that.” Harry grabbed a chair, placed it front of Louis, took a seat, and grabbed Louis’ hands. “I began to feel a connection with you like I’ve never felt before. I felt safe with you, I felt like if I was with you than nothing else going on in the world mattered. When I looked into your eyes everything else just went away, all the distractions and drama and stress, it all just disappeared. When I was in your arms I felt at home; the warmth of your body against mine just put me at ease. When I held your hand,” Harry interlinked his fingers with Louis’, “I never wanted to let go, because I knew that if I fell then you would always be there to catch me. All those times when we were on tour together, when we were on stage, I took every opportunity to subtly show you my love for you, whether it was briefly holding your hand, or kissing you on the cheek, or even singing your favorite songs to you, I had to do something to remind you how much I care about you.

“When you were dating Eleanor I felt like a piece of my heart was missing, like a chunk of my soul had been taken away and was left with an empty hole that only you could fill. Seeing you with her broke my heart.” Harry could feel the tears trying to come to the surface, but he fought them as he was trying to stay strong for Louis. “All of those times when you two went out together just killed me. Sometimes I was even convinced that you genuinely wanted to be with her, but I always had to remind myself that you didn’t, that it was just a front to hide our relationship. Those years were the hardest I’ve ever gone through, Lou. Seeing you with someone else was so much worse than any of those long days prepping for concerts, the long flights on tour, or even hearing the harsh words from people bashing our relationship; I would gladly go through any and all of those things again if it meant that I didn’t have to see you with someone else.” A tear slowly streamed down Harry’s cheek, and Louis leaned forward and wiped it from his groom’s chin.

“Oh Haz, I never knew.” Louis squeezed Harry’s left hand with his right, and cupped his fiance’s face with his available left hand. Harry nodded and a smile broke through his lips. “Now that’s the handsome man that I’m marrying,” Louis said with an admiring grin on his face. Harry blushed again, and looked down in embarrassment. “So, what else about me do you like? You were on a roll there.” Louis thought that he could try his luck a little bit more.

“Well, there’s this thing that you do when you laugh, your eyes squint and your whole face lights up; I freaking love that. And when you wear stripes your cuteness level goes up about a billion notches, but when you wear suspenders with stripes, that’s just an added bonus.” Harry began to absentmindedly and flirtatiously play with Louis’ fingers; Harry didn’t notice, but Louis didn’t care. “Then there was that day on the Take Me Home tour in Paris, right after you got your stag and key tattoos, when you wore your white tank top and worn jeans; just watching you play soccer in that parking lot about killed me. I thought to myself, ‘I’ve never seen a sexier man in my life.’ I also love when you put your hair up in a quiff, and it seems to defy gravity; it gives me an opportunity to run my fingers through it and feel your silky, brown locks. That classic look on you just makes you look so handsome and debonair, it gives me chills. Another thing is your stubble; I don’t know how but it makes you look so manly yet boyish at the same time. Lastly are your eyes, oh Lou your eyes. They seem to be able to see into my soul. Looking into those big, hazel eyes just make all of my problems go away. They reassure me that you’re here for me no matter what. Shall I go on?” Harry could talk all day about all of the things that he loved about Louis.

“No, we have the rest of our lives for that,” Louis said with a smile. “Just one more thing,” the tone in his voice changed, “I’ve been thinking all day about this. I was just wondering how you could love a guy like me, a guy with so many imperfections. How could a guy like you, someone who’s perfect in so many ways, love someone with so many flaws?”

“Perfect? I know you enjoy flattering me, but that’s a little too far, Lou.” Harry knew that Louis had problems with his self esteem, he just wished that he could see the amazing, handsome, charming man that he saw. “Louis, I am far from perfect. In fact, if anyone has flaws, it’s me. I’m just glad that you’re there to remind me that those flaws are what make me who I am. The same goes for you, your flaws make you the man that you are, without them you wouldn’t be you, the man that I fell in love with. When I proposed to you I didn’t want to marry you because you didn’t have flaws. If I wanted a guy without flaws than I would’ve dated a freaking Abercrombie model, but did I? No. I chose you Louis yes because of your good attributes, but also because of your flaws; I like to consider them good attributes as well. Look at yourself,” Harry turned Louis towards the mirror. “You see that face? How could I not love you?”

“Yes I see my face, and it’s nothing compared to yours.” Louis knew what Harry was trying to do, but as he looked at his reflection next to Harry’s it failed in comparison. This was nothing new though. Louis always thought that Harry was the better looking of the two of them. Harry had the charm, the smile, those amazing curls. What did he have? Just a ridiculous quiff and an average smile? How could he be seen as attractive when compared to Harry?

“Ok, I know what’s going through your mind,” Harry said as he saw the sadness and insecurity rush across Louis’ face. “That face that you dislike so much, that’s the face that brings me back home when I feel lost and afraid. That’s the face that gives me joy with just a glance in my direction. That’s the face that I fell in love with all those years ago. So don’t you dare say that your face pales in comparison to mine, because your face is my refuge, the one thing that remains in my life that has any sense of deeper meaning to me. You’re the compass to my ship Lou, and if that’s ever taken away then my life will become a deep, dark place that I don’t want to think about. Without you I’d be nothing.” Tears began to stream uncontrollably down Harry’s face now and he felt a tightness in his chest.

“Oh Harry, you never have to worry about that. I'm never going to leave you. For as long as my heart is beating, it’s always going to beat for you.” Louis picked up both of Harry’s hands and kissed them lightly. “I accepted your proposal because I want to spend the rest of my life with you, I want to grow old with you Harry. I know that I may have some insecurities, but when I’m with you they all just seem to fade away.” Louis felt a tear run down his face as well, and Harry smiled at the sight of Louis’ openness. “So then,” Louis glanced at his watch,”Holy crap, you’ve gotta get going. The ceremony starts in ten minutes!” Louis hadn’t noticed how much time had passed since Harry came to see him, all he had cared about was listening to Harry open up to him.

“Crap, you’re right,” Harry looked at his watch as well. “I need to go take my place at the alter.”

“What the heck is taking so long,” Zayn asked as he burst through the doorway. “The ceremony starts in ten minutes!”

“Louis and I were just having a little chat, nothing too important.” Harry winked at Louis, and Louis smiled at his fiance’s charm.

“Well, whatever it was about, it can wait, you guys have the rest of your lives together you know,” Zayn said in an annoyed, but kind tone.

“Trust me, we know.” Harry smiled at Louis, and Louis smiled back. “See you at the alter handsome.” Harry kissed Louis on the cheek and rushed out of the room.

“I’ll never get tired of that.”

“What,” Louis asked with embarrassment.

“Just how you two are together. No matter what happens between you and him, one of you always finds a way to make it right, to put everything back where it belongs.”

“That’s why I’m marrying him, he’s my everything.”

“Ok, that’s enough. I can’t stand this,” Zayn said with a laugh. “I’ll see you out there.”

“See you,” Louis responded with a smile.

As Zayn walked quickly through the hallway he saw Louis’ mother coming from the other direction.

“Hi, Johanna,” Zayn said politely.

“Hi, Zayn. Is my son ready?”

“Looks like it. He just needs his beautiful mother and he’ll be good.”

“Oh Zayn, stop it,” Johanna said as she lightly hit Zayn on the arm. “Alright. Well I guess I’ll go in and get him.”

“Sounds good.” Zayn hugged her and continued into the sanctuary.

As Johanna walked into the room Louis was standing in front of the mirror again putting the finishing touches on his ensemble, fixing his hair, straightening his tie, adjusting his jacket, he had to look perfect for when Harry saw him.

“You look handsome hunny, stop fidgeting.” Louis knew that his mother was right, but he was a bit of a perfectionist when it came to impressing Harry. The two of their’s conversation earlier made him fall for his fiance even more; he didn’t think that it was possible to be more in love with Harry, but he now was. What he said about Eleanor and how it broke his heart, it just made Louis see a side of Harry that he hadn’t seen before, a side of complete and utter openness and vulnerability. All of this made Louis look forward to walking down the aisle even more.

“Are you ready,” Johanna asked as she put her arms on her son’s shoulders.

Louis turned to face his mother.

“I’ve never been more ready in my life,” he said with a smile.

“Right answer. Let’s go.”

Louis saw his mother put her hand out to take his and he grabbed it with anticipation. There was only one thought in his mind: he was about to marry Harry.

To Louis each step down the hallway towards the sanctuary felt longer than the last, each breath seemed to bring more anxiety into his mind, body, and soul. He couldn’t believe that this day had finally come, the day that he had been waiting for for more than a year. He’d imagined how he thought the day would play out over and over again in his mind more times than he could count, but now that it had finally arrived the day seemed like a dream to Louis. The only thing that kept reminding him that it was reality was the conversation with Harry earlier, the conversation that put everything into perspective; maybe he was as important to Harry as his groom had so intimately led on, maybe he did matter. The fact that Harry got so very emotionally expressive of his feelings for him earlier reminded Louis of why he himself fell for Harry. He thought of all of the times that he felt alone or confused or just downright empty. He remembered how when he would be feeling any or all of these things then he would just be able to look over at Harry’s cheeky smile and it would remind him of how much he really does care for him.

Louis thought about all of the times that he wanted to just give up and give into his desire to end his own life, to give in to his insecurities and self loathing and depression that plagued his insides. He remembered thinking about just ending it all, to give in to the sweet allure of death’s release. 'I didn’t end it for a reason,’ Louis thought to himself. 'I didn’t end it because of him. It would’ve been selfish to just end it like I wanted to. How could I have broken Harry’s heart like that? Losing me would’ve crushed him; I couldn’t’ve done that to to my Haz.’ Thinking back to those days reminded Louis of how much Harry needed him, of how much all of those love bites and song dedications and hand holding and just all around perfect moments meant to him, they reminded him of why he would be walking down that aisle today and why he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Harry: he was his everything.

Amidst all of the reminiscing Louis was shocked out of his memories and into the present moment by the sound of the pipe organ beginning to play The Wedding March. This was it, he and Harry’s perfect moment had begun. As Louis slowly walked down the aisle towards the alter all he could think about was his groom, yet oddly all he saw were the familiar faces of his friends and family staring lovingly at him; no matter how hard he tried he could not get himself to look at Harry. 'Maybe I’m just getting cold feet,’ he thought to himself. 'But I’ve been waiting for more than a year for this. Why can’t I look at him?’ Then Louis remembered something that Harry had taught him back when they first started performing: if you ever get nervous and you can’t control the anxiety welling up inside of you just look away from the world, take a deep breath, find your center, and try again. So Louis tried his wise advice: he looked down at the floor, took a deep breath, thought about all of the amazing moments that he and Harry had shared together, looked back up, and then it hit him.

As he looked back up Louis saw the most amazing sight he had ever seen, he saw Harry standing before him, smiling like he only had one thing on his mind: Louis. His eyes were lit up like Louis had never seen before, and he had the biggest smile on his face. Louis saw that Harry was trying his hardest to hold back the tears as he watched him walk down the aisle. His face was glowing and his whole body just screamed happiness; Louis had never seen Harry this full of pure bliss. The room was lit up by the sunlight beaming through the stain glass windows, the various colors shining through accentuating every one of Harry’s perfect features.

As Louis finally made it up to the alter all that Harry was feeling was happiness, just pure unadulterated joy. The sight of his groom stepping up on stage beside him made him nauseous, but it was a good nauseous, the kind of nauseous that only happens when something excites you so much that you can barely handle the emotions building up inside of you. Directly after Louis stepped up on the stage he subtly grabbed Harry’s hand and gave him a quick wink and a shy smile. Just the mere sight of this sent chills down Harry’s spine. Quickly after Louis let go of his hand and turned to the left towards the pastor.

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today on this fine morning to witness and celebrate the joining of these two wonderful men. Marriage is the union of two people that of which is instituted by God and God alone.” As the minister carried on with the ceremony Louis looked into Harry’s eyes and connected all of the things that the man standing between them was saying to him and his handsome groom. He seemed to be getting lost in the moment, lost in the deep green that were Harry’s eyes and all of the things that they had seen; all of the hardship and difficult times that he and Louis had witnessed together, but also all of the amazing, beautiful, perfect times that he and Louis had seen going down the road which lead up to this day, and thinking about these things made this day so much more precious to Louis.

The next thing the pair knew it was already time for the vows, time had rushed by as they were caught up in their memories of each other.

“Do the grooms have vows prepared,” the pastor asked as he looked at Harry and Louis.

“We do.”


Both of the grooms smiled at each other as they each tried their best to not let the anxiety take hold. Louis nodded at Harry, and the taller of the two stopped short as he was about to begin speaking.

“You can do it, I have faith in you,” Louis quietly said to Harry as he leaned in and grabbed his hand. “Just take a deep breath and remember what you told me: find your center.”

“You’re my center,” Harry whispered to Louis in a timid, yet confident tone.

“Then just look at me and go for it.”

A wide smile grew across Harry’s face and then he took a deep breath in and then out.

'I can do this,’ Harry thought to himself, 'just look at Louis, that shouldn’t be too hard.’

“When I first met you on the X-Factor,” Harry began, “I thought to myself 'who the heck is this crazy kid?’ But then as time went on I slowly began to fall for you. I began to fall for your charm and your sass and your innate ability to look past my outer self and see who I really am inside. All of those video diaries and performances with you were some of the most important parts of my life because I was able to share them with you, because I was able to experience them with you. Whenever I was worried or stressed about something, if you were there to comfort me or give me advice I never felt alone. You are my everything Louis, my second half, my love, my life, my reason for getting up in the morning. You are the reason for every breath that I take every second of every minute of every day. You are who my heart beats for, and who I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with. I, Harry Edward Styles promise my life to you, and I promise this in the eyes of God and in the presence of our family and friends. I promise to be loyal, to be trustworthy, and to be the one who you can come to in your times of need. You make me feel whole, and I promise to give you that feeling in return for as long as we both shall live and longer.”

Harry was trying his best to keep back the tears that he knew would inevitably come to the surface, but this perfect moment was just too much for him. After much effort one simple action made all of Harry’s attempts at keeping the tears in worthless: a brief smile came over Louis’ face as he thought about what Harry had said. Seeing this sent tears streaming down Harry’s face because he knew what was going through his groom’s mind.

“Louis, would you like to say your vows,” the minister asked.

“Yes,” Louis replied.

“This day is so special to me. For all of the years that I’ve been with you Harry I’ve dreamt of the day that I could be with you, of the day that we could start our forever with one another, and now that it’s finally here I couldn’t be happier. I can’t wait to wake up next to you every morning and give you a good morning kiss. I can’t wait to try our best to make a good, proper breakfast, but then just end up having cereal and being perfectly fine with it. I can’t wait to see you off to work and then count down the hours until I see you again knowing that it’ll be the best part of my day. I can’t wait to sit across the table from you during dinner and listen to you go on about all of the day’s happenings. These are the things that I’m most anticipated for because it’s the little moments that count, those are the moments that define us. As I’m standing here today I think back to all of the little moments that we’ve shared together and how they’ve shaped me into the man that I am, the man that with your guidance and love has become proud of who he is and is looking forward to many more amazing, brilliant, and simply perfect moments with the man that he loves. So, I, Louis William Tomlinson, do so promise myself to you. I promise to give you more love than I give myself. I promise to be loyal and honest and trustworthy. I promise to be your heart and your love and your entire world. If you ever need a shoulder to cry on, I’ll lend mine. If ever you need someone to talk to, I’ll lend my ear. If you ever just want to lay there in the silence, I’ll be there with open arms to give you my entire focus. You complete me, and I promise to give you that feeling in return for as long as we both shall live and longer.”

As Harry looked at Louis he could see the love and compassion and sheer sincerity in his deep, hazel eyes, and he knew that what he said was true; he didn’t doubt that it was, but he just liked to see him express it in such a beautiful way.

“May we have the rings please?” The minster gestured to Zayn, and he gladly offered them to him. The pastor gave each groom their rings as each of them got wide smiles on their faces.

“Do you, Harry Edward Styles, take this man to be your husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish from this day forward until death do you two part?”

“I do,” Harry replied as he placed the ring on Louis’ finger.

“And do you, Louis William Tomlinson, take this man to be your husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish from this day forward until death do you two part?”

“I do,” Louis replied as he placed the ring on Harry’s finger.

“Well then, by the power vested in me by the town of Doncaster, I now pronounce you husband and husband. You may now kiss the groom”.

As Louis and Harry kissed all of their family and friends stood up and clapped, but all the pair could hear was silence. The moment that their lips met each other’s it was like the entire world disappeared, like all of their senses had shut down and all that they could feel was each other. In that one perfect moment bliss was all that they felt, because bliss was the only emotion that they could find to describe it. As they stood in each other’s embrace they only had one thought on their minds: their time together had begun, no more distance or loneliness or separation, only forever.