Through this whole thing I’ve held my tongue, but I’m done.

Zayn said he needed a break, not that he wants to quit music plus it’s plain stupid to feel betrayed considering he has been working with naughty boy since was in the band like Harry has been working on his own stuff this whole time too. The only difference is that zayn didn’t feel like he could continue on doing something at the same time that he didn’t believe in just like oh I don’t Justin Timberlake did and so many other boy bands before him. It takes guts to do what he did especially considering that he has no real safety net. There is nothing wrong with loving one self more than wanting to please others. Quite the opposite really, and anyone who says he looked at all mentally stable for the last half year or so you are LYING. To all of you who were in it in the beginning or watched back to the beginning you know even through he wasn’t as talkative as the others he used to be at least as funny and goofy as them and had his fair share of the “trademark” funny moments with his vas happening, energy juice and all that other BS. I love the boys and was just as gutted as the rest of you but I wasn’t surprised cuz the Bradford bad boy we all fell in love with hasn’t been in the band since…I don’t even know when. I loved him in the band I thought he should have stayed at least to the end of the tour but he tried and he just couldn’t do it any more and we ALL saw his heart wasn’t in it anymore. So please if you ever was a fan stop the hate.


They have never said “I’m not gay” or “Larry is not real, I’m in love with Eleanor, not Harry” all they have said it’s…

  • Louis: ”Basically it says that me and Harry are together and my girlfriend isn’t real”
  • Louis: ”Some people genuinely think we’re in a relationship”
  • Inteviewer: ”Are you in love..?” Louis: ”Oh, well… I have a girlfriend, so…”
  • Fan: ”I ship Larry, Do you hate me?” Harry: *smiles*
  • Harry saying he doesn’t mind the rumours.

And if Louis mind so much the gay/Larry rumours why does he keep flirting with men on Twitter, does gay sexual innuendos, says and comments gay/gay couples references, interrupting everytime Harry has to talk about girls, made fun of Haylor, got drunk 3 days in a row when Harry was in NY with Taylor, kissed Harry on stage, held Harry’s hand behind the boys on stage and looks at Harry this way:

and after the cameras are put away and the paparazzis are gone, he walks away from Eleanor and ignores her? 

I know one day people will see the truth. And even when they come out we will still get hate from homophobic fans.