harry has no trust in liam but it’s okay bc I wouldn’t either if I got my underwear shown to the world . 🚨

Here’s my art for miraenim! 1d-art-trade

I decided to go traditional because I believe it’s more personal and emotional and this drawing definitely absorbed all the feelings I wanted to put inside it, all the feelings the music gave me while working on it, and all the love I literally wanted to send you! I seriously hope you like it! x

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I'm sorry!! I didn't mean to be rude or anything, I just wanted to know what you thought. I'm so sorry!

ehe i’m not offended so you don’t have to say sorry. but thanks :)

anyway because you ask, regarding zayn left and or OT4, i don’t want to think about it too much. there’s sooooo much shady stuff on the news - that he’s now going solo and stuff (and i’m still, in fact, really offended that the announcement being released same time as otra jakarta), i’ll just have my focus on other thing like my very base why i’m here in the first place.  

Morning Routine

I haven’t seen much flowerchild!Harry and punk!Louis lately, so I thought I’d contribute to that old AU…. I could just imagine Harry getting Louis to do yoga with him every morning before they went out on Louis’ motorbike to go grab some milk and the morning papers.

Not your OTP? Want something different? Tell me what you would like me to draw in my ask box!!!


1D Art



Captain Niall Horan, and his ships.